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Posted by scruffy1 | Dec 21, 2013 @ 06:37 AM | 11,714 Views
it had to happen some time

the surprising part was that it has been both times in the last two overly firm "arrivals" that it has been equipment, and not the pilot that takes the blame

after the mini-DLG spiralled in (and was finished off by an enthusiastic retriever living up to his pedigree), i have been slowly completing the binary 900 between distractions, and almost all my air time has been on the pitts epp, which i still love to bits as an all round fun flyer

until the elevator servo failed at around 10 metres up in a steep dive, and due to my normal response in near death circumstances being to point upwards and hit full throttle, i lacked the finesse to roll sideways and climb knife edge

despite going in hard, the only other part i think is a goner is the 1300mah lipo which took it on the nose also, and was a little inclined to puff marginally at full charge, plus the second cell is consistently a little (last charge 0.09v) under the others, despite being lovingly cared for

still, at around 100 flights i am prepared to retire it for safety; i've had my money's worth

likewise, at 250 flights as my first aerobatic full house, the pitts has served me well, and i have been eyeing the durafly hyperbipe as a worthy biplane successor (gotta build the reaktor yet too)

then i got nostalgic, and realised that between some 20 minute finish cure epoxy for all the bits that split some, and the blenderm to reattach the upper aileron and secure the partially...Continue Reading