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Nissan LEAF batteries. Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Working for the Navy in the environmental compliance department, I am generally interested in technology supporting sustainable environmental practices. Being an RC flier, I am usually interested in emerging battery technology. Throw in a bit of love for cars, and the following story came up and got my attention.

Life Cycle Analysis of Electric Car Shows Battery Has Only Minor Impact

"Copper and Aluminum Actually Worse than Lithium

Speaking of lithium-ion batteries, a recent life-cycle analysis (a type of study that aims to find the complete environmental impact of something, taking into account manufacturing, usage, and disposal) of the lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars had some very interesting findings. It turns out that batteries have an even lower impact than most of us thought. Read on for the details." _medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+treehuggersite+% 28Treehugger%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

I have quite a few Lipos and probably have a continual inventory of thirty or so viable batteries at home and I am usually recycling one about every two months. You might too, but the R/C community makes up such a small segment of the total use of lithium flavored batteries. The general segment of thought I...Continue Reading
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Ventura County California got a special treat again this year with the Point Mugu Air Show at Pt. Mugu NAS. It was from Saturday 8/7 - Sunday 8/8. I stopped by on Sunday afternoon and got some shots of my favorite plane, the A-10 warthog. I also saw the Redbull team there with Chuck Aaron in his BO-105. I had seen vid's of Chuck doing the tricks, but to see it in person was a treat! Heli's and inverted just doesn't look right full scale.

Take a look at a few pics I took. This is just a taste, I will be posting more at a later time.

BTW: One of the Thunderbirds came by where we were sitting, definitely in a hurry. A 10 year old kid jumped out and asked him for his autograph. A bit startled and rushed, he jumped right in an signed for this kid. Real nice!...Continue Reading
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The USS Midway museum in San Diego California is an awe-inspiring place. It is truly an awesome experience, even to those who could care less about military history and paraphernalia. Anyone who has been to this museum probably felt the same thing I did when I walked the halls and decks of that great ship. Amazement, awe, sadness, appreciation and pride are just some emotions to name a few.

Oh, and yes, that is me, my wife and my 21 month old in the Officers briefing room. My wife is playing the role of the CO, Daughter is the Maintenance CPO, and I am the Entertainment CPO.

Since I got some good pictures of planes, I thought I would share. I really can't help it as I am awaiting the call for my new job with the Navy at Port Hueneme naval base and I am getting anxious. Go Navy!

More info:

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Today, a fellow flier and I were debating what components of spray paint eat foam. I was certain it was the propellant since I knew it was a solvent. He said it was the paint and the VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the paint. We ended the discussion at a friendly impasse.

Some may already know the answer to this, but this is new to me. When I got home, I had to find out who was right. Here is what I found.

Depron is basically an extruded polystyrene. It's chemical makeup is a Carbon-Hydrogen chain with a phenol group.

More info:

HFC's in Spray Paint is considered a solvent. Since there are different HFC's, which HFC type dissolves what? There is a study by a trade journal I found that does a really good study to show this.

They state that HFCF-141b is the only thing that will eat styrene. HFCF-141b was not used in Spray Paints and was to be phased out by 2003. HFC's in general will not eat styrene (they tested for 24 hours of submersion). It was often used to clean (dissolve) styrene based spray on insulation in homes.

To see the study: In the summery page, near the bottom, there is a section called "Material Compatibility". Look for the chart.

What does this all mean? Simply that foams like depron, styrofoam and the like are eaten by the paint, not the propellant. BIG surprise to me.

It would appear new technologies from companies like Krylon and their H2O line of Latex paints are not solvent based paints and use Latex based aerosol (chemical formula is a closely guarded secret). The latex is water based and has very low VOC which has proven to not eat foam when applied conservatively.


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OK, so hello to everyone, this is my first blog entry on RCG. I have been meaning to start blogging about my RC Twin 70mm EDF B-2 (8 foot), but I had to share my shocker for the day.

The Multiplex Funjet is nothing new to most people. It is fast, stable, and agile. It has a massive following and has been pushed to the limits of top speed in the foamy category.

I purchased mine a couple months ago after I put together a FFF clone of the Funjet, which I call the FAUX JET. It was an amazing flier and it gave me the speed bug to want an actual Funjet. I originally put it together for my Father in Law, who had recently purchased a MPX Funjet, but was afraid to fly it. It met it's demise a while back due to a structural failure between the fuselage and the wing. I'll talk more about this later in another post.

When I bought the Funjet originally, I wanted to take and install the power system I had for the FAUX JET and see the difference in the top speed between the two.

I was amazed that the Funjet was doing 102mph on Zippy 20C 2200mAh 4S and was doing 92mph on the FAUX JET. I had measured the power system in the FAUX JET at ~450W and ~32A. I then got a new battery for the FunJet (4S 2650mAh Turnigy) and dopplar it at 110mph. I was amazed.

Well, today, I just got around to testing the power system on new battery. I was amazed and, I must admit, skeptical, when the Wattsup meter told me it had 58A at 14.7V for 875W !!!

WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! I really don't know if I thought it or said it out loud, but I was surprised enough I had to reset the Wattsup meter and do another pull to make sure.

Just goes to show you that matching the correct hardware together is VERY important, and testing it is even more important.

For those interesting in the setup, here it is:

* Turnigy 2836 2350kv motor

* 60A SS ESC

* Zippy Lightflight 4S 20C 2200mAh

*Turnigy 2650mAh 4S 20C

* APC 5.5 x 4.5 prop