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Last night after removing the ESC and UBEC that came preinstalled with the Alpha 2M RTF, and installed a tiny feather weight 15 amp ESC from Castle. The size difference is amazing. The old ESC and UBEC with wires and connectors weights in a 36 grams. The Castle Talon weighs in at 3.4 grams without wires. The wires and motor connectors do add weight, but its also a huge improvement in terms a more spacious canopy. This has allowed me to drop the lead tail weight, and move the battery forward and aft to affect CG. I lined the canopy and batteries with Velcro, and can control the most forward and aft CG points just by battery movement.

I left for Long Beach in the morning to avoid the turbulent afternoon winds after yesterday's exciting and highly eventful session. When I arrived, it was calm, somewhat cool, and someone was already flying a full house 3.X meter electric. I talked to this pilot a couple weeks earlier, real nice setup, with telemetry readouts of altitude, battery voltage and Variometer. Technology is reducing pilot workload not having to worry about the obvious things.

Then I assembled my Alpha and went out and launched. This time, I launched with the knowledge that I would learn how to trim my elevator in flight by moving my left thumb over my right, then immediately knowing where the trim control was located. Being in calm air, it was easy to quickly trim for level flight with motor off. But there was a problem that will be discussed later. Anyway, in the...Continue Reading
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Cermark Edge EP 49" (oldie)
Hi , does anyone know what measurement to start with from the leading edge down the fuselage for the CG.
Don't have a manual.
Help appreciated.
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Ok, you won't believe this, but maybe you will. I bought this plane back in 2008 and just opened the box. There was no instructions on how to build this plane. I could probably figure it out, but I'd like to have some instructions or plans. Nitro Plane no longer carriers them, of course after 13 years. Does anyone out there have a set of instructions or plans on how to build this plane?

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Okay guys!

Got my Hangar9 F-22 Raptor converted to Electric RC airplane model back in the air for two wonderful flights after one year and two months hanging!

Just an amazing Sunday Central Florida morning! Performed the touch test after each flight on the motor and I was able to keep finger on motor rotating can so, it was two good flights without motor getting too hot on 5-cells.

Loose magnet was repaired one year ago and Gorilla Clear Glue operational temp goes up to 180 degrees F. Therefore, after two flights of 7 minutes each with spirited flights, I am declaring a success with repairs on Motor!

Repairs on motor can be seen at:

Video post improvements on my H9 F-22 Raptor:

Amazing model!
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Broke my Gopro, so I needed a new camera for FPV and underwater footage. I think the Go 2 was a good choice!
Insta360 Go2 unboxing + test (2 min 37 sec)

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I am getting my OMP M2 explore FC to have a brain surgery.
The stock FC uses the STM32F303C8 processor which has 64k of FLASH memory, 16k of RAM memory and contains no DSP instructions.
It is now being modified to have the STM32F303CC processor which has 256k of FLASH memory, 48k of RAM memory and contains DSP instructions.

This post was initial posted in the OMP M2 thread but I have decided to keep that thread clean and dedicated to the M2 topic only.
Hence this thread is being created. I'll post the progress as I am moving along together with the result or outcome.

The M2 with new STMF3 processor will be running with the HF3D firmware.

I have mapped the pin out of the stock FC and ported into HF3D. It was successfully compiled with no errors.
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Aircraft Name: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
Manufacturer/Designer: Parkzone
First Flight: 21/7/21 at Kerloch
Wing Span: 44"
Wing area:
Power type - Electric
Motor: Parkzone 15BL outrunner
ESC: E-flite 30amp
Tank/Battery: 3s1p G-Power 2250mah
Propeller: 9.5"x7.5"
Receiver: AR6210
Flight Pack: n/a
Servos: elevator - 2x aileron, rudder
Throws -
Undercarriage - EFLG100 retracts
Accessories: Scale pilot
Covering: Factory-painted foam
Current status: In Service
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Aircraft Name: Chance Vought F4-U1 Corsair
Manufacturer/Designer: Parkzone
First Flight: 27/06/21 at Kerloch
Wing Span: 44"
Wing area:
Power type - Electric
Motor: EFlite 480 outrunner
ESC: E-flite 30amp
Tank/Battery: 3s1p G-Power 2250mah
Propeller: 9.5"x7.5"
Receiver: AR620
Flight Pack: n/a
Servos: elevator - 2x aileron, rudder
Throws -
Undercarriage - Eflg120 90 degree rotating retracts
Accessories: Scale pilot
Covering: Factory-painted foam
Current status: In Service
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Many cracks & deformations have formed. It definitely isn't as robust as coroplast. The lion kingdom began desiring an Ender 5 Plus. That could print the entire panels in 1 piece. Quantitative easing being what it is, the cost of the printer isn't the issue. The issue is the $5 million in real estate to put it in.
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Just a pic I missed from 2 posts ago, showing how I squeezed those laminations tight.
Posted by Reckless_fpv | Yesterday @ 11:14 AM | 9,596 Views
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I have to now decide what power plant for this model.
I have 4 potential engines all ic as I have absolutely no interest in electric.
1st is a trusty OS 91Fx two stroke glow, the main problem is weight or lack of it I'd probably end up with about a pound of lead to make it balance and the muffler would stick out like a sore thumb.
2nd is a really old laser 100, at first I thought this might be marginal but the authority with which it pulled my 1/4 scale Cub through loops is very reassuring.
3rd is a nice new OS 120 Ax two stroke, with the 90 degree exhaust adaptor this keeps it neater than the 91 and it is heavy enough and the power is prodigous.
4th, and favourite , is a turnigy 26S gasser this is a cracking engine so smooth and powerful, bit light and also a bit flimsy but it spins an 18x8 well and I have a muffler that actually works on it.
Any advice readers can give would be gratefully received.
Plane comes out at about 11 lbs.
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First attempt at laminating longerons, not a great problem except the wood is 1/4" whilst the carbon strip is 6mm. Not a great deal and I can spackle it.
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Well good people, came with something different and not available anymore (discontinued for a number of years). I got this from a friend (David McCullough) a few weeks ago. It is the ElectriFly GEE BEE of 38.5 inch wing span and tips the digital scale at 2lbs.-1 1/4 oz. with the 3-Cell, 1800mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer battery pack. The Center-Of-Gravity is at 1 - 1/4 inch from the leading edge and you really need to pay attention to this as this model is very sensitive to incorrect C-of-G setups.

This is my first flight of any GEE BEE and read all the reviews as to what for setups, take-offs and landings and memorized with my brain and thumbs! Early this morning I touched UP the model with my Models Acrylic GUARDS RED to those areas that experienced less than perfect landings. It cleaned up very well with this paint.

Took off slowly as per reviews and increased power slowly as well and it tracked very well with little or no rudder correction. It came up on the mains quickly and allowed a sufficient roll-out and carefully pulled back on the UP elevator and it took off without any issues. Once airborne, it performed like it was on rails! Hammer heads, Cuban-8's, and it maintained some Knife Edge flight as well. Inverted flight was natural for this model.
Need to keep it with the 3-Cell, 1800's packs as the 2200's are just too heavy for this model. The 1800's allow for gentle (kiss the ground) landings so, it is a keeper!

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Hi All, this week after my video and posts on RCG and other placed CaddX and DJI have stated they will no longer be encrypting camers that are not licenced for use with the DJI FPV System on the CaddX Vista.

If anyone's want to know in's and outs of all this and how it happened I explained it here in my update video on the situation.

DJI Digital FPV & CaddX Update - No Camera Encryption & Canvas Mode To Come
DJI Digital FPV & CaddX Update - No Camera Encryption & Canvas Mode To Come (11 min 10 sec)

A few last comments on this all from me.

This is the 3rd time I have been at the eye of the storm on this and im pleased and proud we all have been able to get a result here. For me this was never about pinning it to DJI or upsetting CaddX, it was my open and honest thoughts on what I felt was just wrong. If it was not for you guys commenting and sharing the statement I put out and the video we would never have got the result.

While I may have been the mouth piece you were the guys that made it happen period.

As I have said already there were lots of messages back and forth with both companies after I put everything out and both sides were really friendly, I was glad I was also play a small part to help on the Canvas thing too and I will talk about that more some time if it actually come to fruition.

There is a hell of a lot more I could say on this and how it played out as there are some things im a little 'hmm' about on the whole thing however im going to leave it and I now intend to get back to trying to do what I love to do and leave some of the politics behind for a while, my intention on all of these 3 times now we have got a result was never to become a PITA but to help the community and that's what we have done.

I finally want to thank everyone for the kind words and comments and all that's left to say is outstanding work all.
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Yep Les Amis,
5 Pouces style, POIDS PLUME !!! Nous testons aujourd'hui le nouveau Rekon 4 FR (Freestyle) de chez REKON FPV et HGLRC. Déballage, Découverte du produit et Mise en route, aucune mauvaise surprise mais pas de grosse innovation à première vue. Par contre, dès le premier vol, toutes ses qualités se révèlent ! Que ce soit en 3S ou 4S, Lipo ou Li Ion, ce petit engin de 150gr nous a apporté les sensations de vol d'un 5 pouces par sa puissance, sa réactivité et son pilotage. Une reprise de fou, d'excellentes projections et une bonne autonomie, font de ce Rekon 4FR, un engin parfait pour amateurs de freestyle doux ou agressif en moins de 250gr mais sera aussi à l'aise en cruising et Long Time pour les pilotes plus calmes !! Bravo à Dave_C et HGLRC pour cette excellente conception, simple mais très efficace ... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Rekon 4 FR HGLRC & REKONFPV - Review Test Démo - Comme un 5 pouces mais moins de 150gr ? (51 min 34 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19.5/20 Un MUST HAVE !!!
Débutants et Aguerris !
Les + : Bonne Autonomie, Réglages ok sorti de boite, Très polyvalent, Précis, Puissant et très réactif, Bon Châssis...
Les - : Pas grand chose à dire à part la XT30 jaune (question de goût) et un petit buzzer serait le bienvenu.

Site RekonFPV :
- REKON 4 FR analogique :
- REKON 4 FR numérique :
Site HGLRC :
- HGLRC...Continue Reading
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Having slept on it I came up with a plan B for the construction of the longerons.
I wanted a greater cross sectional area (csa) and also wanted to be able to contain the whiplash forces that frequently arise when landing on our not so smooth strip.
I've attached a pic which kinda shows my plan .
Building the longerons like this also gives the advantage of having outward facing wood for the solartex to adhere to.
I also changed the adhesive from gorilla glue pu to cyano as gorilla glue is dissolved by cyano in my experience so this choice allows me to use thick cyano to glue the longerons, braces, formers and stringers in without having to worry about contamination.
There'll be more shortly.
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Hello everyone,

Here is a preview of my videos from July 2021.

2021-07-21 Nemo aircraft - Tiltrotor RC model. (5 min 28 sec)

BAE Hawk EDF 80mm FMS RC model (2 min 58 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Making progress with my very ambitious project to design and make my own outboard. In a few weeks I have learned how to use a cad drawing program, mainly from watching you tube videos. I was forced to do it myself as it would have been too much , timewise to get someone else to do it. It's been very enjoyable I did lots of practice drawings to learn the skills.
My next ambition is to find the funds for a 3d printer, then learn how to use it. Watch this space.
My outboard is going to be a good size maybe 11" top to bottom , it will have a large powerful brushless motor, 40 x 80. 1600 kv
Batteries will be 2 x 3s giving 6s power . The top gearbox bearing and oilseal will be removable so I can do oil changes, this will save having fill and drain holes and the plugs. It will be filled with hypoid gear oil like the full size. I hope the helical gears will be quieter and have a good lifespan.