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Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 22, 2019 @ 03:21 PM | 302 Views
Would appreciate your opinion - 1st attempt at answering question: “What’s the best motor for . . ?” Simple 5-Step Method & 1st Edition Micro FPV Motor Chart with 33 different motors ranging from 40 mm – 3 inch prop support and 2S – 4S. Looking👀 for your feedback on both the 5-Step Method & the Chart. Well-versed & experienced pilots may have this stuff down pat, yet others may not. Thought this could help some folks out, as at least a reference. Your thoughts please?
Micro FPV Race Drone Parts Motors (9 min 20 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 15, 2019 @ 04:27 PM | 899 Views
I know these Quaddiction Pop-up gates have been around for a while, however, now RMRC has them at a reduced price of $49.99 for two! Also, you can get an ADDITIONAL 11% OFF by using Coupon Code: POTOFGOLD through March 17th! 😲 So, I couldn’t pass that up! This is my first experience with them and I was completely impressed. Did a quick comparison with Multi-GP standard size gates for 5-inch Quads, review of features, and initial setup. Also, created a simple, easy-to-use instruction sheet for initial setup.
FPV DRONE RACE GATE (13 min 7 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 08, 2019 @ 05:26 PM | 2,611 Views
WINNERS! Thanks to all who played! Taking suggestions in Comments Section of Video for next Giveaway at 100 subscribers (nearly there!) 👍 Like my shirt?🤔
Make Suggestions at:
Drone Bowling (5 min 35 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 06, 2019 @ 08:04 PM | 1,192 Views
2 Days Left Until 2 Free Video Transmitters Giveaway! 🎳 👍
We reviewed the EWRF e708TM3 Pro a couple weeks ago. Outstanding VTX with all the features we like AND an 800mW max output power. It's "little brother" the e7092TM is only 2.1 grams, smart audio also and is an excellent choice for micro builds.

EWRF e708TM3 Pro (800mW Max) & e7092TM (only 2.1g 20x20 mount)
Both 2S-6S Input, Audio Input Pad for camera or external mic

These are brand new in their packages. We're offering free shipping within the U.S. (just don't know how much it is to ship anywhere else!).

Don't think you'll find better FREE VTXs. Besides, we've gotta finish our Drone Bowling game with teh 10th and Final Frame. What will be our Final Total Game Score?

Enter to Win in Video below!
Drone Bowling (5 min 53 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 01, 2019 @ 03:31 PM | 1,939 Views
Now that we've concluded (for now) our mini-series on Micro FPV Drone Parts-Video Transmitters, its time to have some fun. We're going Drone Bowling! Specifically, Whoop Bowling! And, we're also giving away two of the video transmitters we reviewed in our recent Video Transmitter mini-series. 🎳 👍
Enjoy the bowling game, play along for your chance to win! Happy Flying!
Drone Bowling (5 min 53 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Feb 22, 2019 @ 04:11 PM | 977 Views
AKK Oscar’s Backpack- Fourth (and last?) Video Transmitter Review in our Micro FPV Drone Parts-VTX Series. SURPRISE Max Output Power! 😲 Full features review, ouput powers tested (you gotta see this to believe it!), and side-by-side videos of fights at Max (200 mW ?) and Min (25 mW) output powers. BONUS Section at End with 5 more Micro FPV Video Transmitters’ Features reviewed. 👍

Posted by TMacFPV | Feb 15, 2019 @ 01:42 PM | 1,792 Views
Best VTX Yet? Third Video Transmitter Review in our Micro FPV Drone Parts-VTX Series. This one is the EWRF e708TM3 Pro (US Version), 800mW Max output Power! Full features review, ouput powers tested, and and side-by-side videos of fights at Min (25 mW) and Max (800 mW) output powers.
MICRO FPV DRONE PARTS-VTX EWRF e708TM3 Pro (12 min 16 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Feb 08, 2019 @ 02:34 PM | 1,939 Views
Second Video Transmitter Review in our Micro FPV Drone Parts-VTX Series. This one is the MiMiC-X Mini from UBAD. How Good Is UBAD?
Features covered, Ouput Power Tested using ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2, and side-by-side videos of flights on both min and max powers of 25mW and 800mW to 800 meter range! What do you think of the FPV audio? Raw audio from external (electret) mic straight to MiMiC VTX to earbud in goggles--no GoPro, just the sweet humming of Quad Motors! 👍

Posted by TMacFPV | Feb 01, 2019 @ 01:54 PM | 1,943 Views
Starting a "Mini-Series" on potentially Great video transmitters (VTXs) for Micro Quad Builds. This is the first in that mini-series. Recently purchased the TBS Unify Pro Race 2 VTX because of TBS reputation for great quality VTXs, MMCX Connector, Audio Input Pad (allows for external microphone connection for audio in earbud while flying and also on DVR video), small size, and Only 4 grams! Reviewed features, physical size dimensions, and concluded with two flights (side-by-side) on both the minimum and maximum output power settings. What do you think of both the video and audio quality? Enjoy!

Posted by TMacFPV | Jan 25, 2019 @ 07:06 PM | 2,059 Views
Saw videos of Tiny Whoop Invitational Competition with "Infinity Gates/Tunnels." Searched for a way to make them. Did A LOT of searching. Could not find any tutorials. So . . . made one myself and documented How. Hyperlinked Table of Contents in video description. Jump to any topic simply by clicking on the Time Stamps. We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy the design, build, and Flights through the Infinity Tunnel. Any comments or suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated! Hope you Enjoy! Happy Flying!

Posted by TMacFPV | Jan 18, 2019 @ 05:53 PM | 1,770 Views
Superhero Quad! Iron Man Wizard! This is our 2nd video in the series HOW TO BUILD FPV 5 INCH RACE DRONE. In this video, we cover both the BetaFlight and BlHeli setups of our Eachine Wizard X220 5 Inch Race Drone after helping it shed 20% of its original weight in Part1 of this video series. We step through each of the applicable Tabs of Betafliight, use BlHeli32 Suite to “Play Some Music” with our Airbot ORI32 4 in 1 ESC, and conclude the video with our maiden flight! There is a "clickable" hyperlinked Table of Contents in the video description so you can "jump" to any section of the video you're interested in just by clicking on the "Time Stamp" next to the topic. Hope you will find this short 5 Inch Build Tutorial helpful in the construction of your very own FPV Racer! 👍

Posted by TMacFPV | Jan 11, 2019 @ 04:09 PM | 1,895 Views
Decided to begin the New Year with a resolution to help our Eachine Wizard X220 (FrankenWiz) shed some weight! We replace the old, heavy parts with new, upgraded, lighter weight parts and "squash the frame." We start with the frame base plate and work through each step of the build in using speed-enhanced video without sacrificing important build steps. There is a "clickable" hyperlinked Table of Contents in the video description so you can "jump" to any section of the video you're interested in just by clicking on the "Time Stamp" next to the topic. Hope you will find this short 5 Inch Build Tutorial helpful in the construction of your very own FPV Racer! 👍

Posted by TMacFPV | Jan 07, 2019 @ 09:38 AM | 2,804 Views
I am constantly searching for the "best" (and best value) FPV set-up for my flying conditions. I fly primarily proximity in my "rural" yard and around my house at low-altitude while I continue to improve my skills. Every once in awhile, I will venture out into the "open" for more freestyle type flying--right now, I'm mainly flying Micros low altitude around flags and through gates.
Anyway, in pursuit of the "best gear' I currently have an Aomway Omni Directional Clover Leaf on one side of my Aomway Commander V1 Goggles along with a 10dB TrueRC X-Air directional. Thought it might be worth a try a VAS 13dB Pepperbox to see what the difference would be (if it made any difference while flying low-altitude around obstacles).

For those interested, in the below video, we do a side-by-side comparison of the two Right-Hand Circularly Polarized (RHCP) FPV Goggles directional antennae-the TrueRC X-Air versus the Video Aerial Systems (VAS) Pepperbox. We take a look at the manufacturers’ specifications, describe some of the important parameters of the antennae and what those mean to you as an FPV Pilot. We describe our testing methodology and conclude with a flight of approximately 315 meters distance out from our launch pad, purposely flying behind trees to determine when video drops out for each. Wish I had done a long-distance run of both as well! Please let us know your thoughts on these (and any other) antennae you might suggest. If anyone has more experience with the Pepperbox, please post your thoughts on it's pros/cons. Thank you!

Posted by TMacFPV | Dec 29, 2018 @ 10:21 AM | 1,796 Views
Recently, I had to relearn the importance of applying Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 to motors screws when mounting motors. The reason I had to "relearn" it was because I forgot to apply it when previously replacing a micro motor on my GT R90--I "cut corners." This, in the end, actually cost me both time and money, which if I had been paying attention to begin with, I could have been using that time I spent waiting on a replacement motor to arrive for flying instead. Thought I should demonstrate the importance of Loctite to folks unfamiliar with using it so they may learn from my mistakes. Stay in the air and Happy Flying!

Posted by TMacFPV | Dec 20, 2018 @ 04:01 PM | 1,887 Views
I’ve been flying for almost a year now and have never flown with live audio from my motors until recently. While flying on the Velocidrone Simulator, I noticed how much I enjoyed the sound of the motors and how it was actually helping me with my altitude control and throttle management. Thought, why haven’t I implemented this with my Micro Quads?!? So, after searching, I found a very small “buzzer size” external microphone (with volume control!) to place on my Micro Quad. Pure fun!

Posted by TMacFPV | Dec 08, 2018 @ 10:52 AM | 1,665 Views
A couple weeks ago, we posted our thoughts (and a video) on some stuff we learned from our 2.5 inch FlexRC Ascent X build pertaining to Flight Controllers and ESCs. Today, we continue down that path and discuss what we've learned about 4 different Micro FPV Drone VTX Antennae.

Specifically, we wanted to find out which of the four types of FPV VTX antennae we have actually worked best for proximity flying near & around obstacles (like trees, buildings, etc.). Thought we might as well make a video on it and perhaps others could benefit as well. We compare the standard linear dipole antenna with the circularly polarized Actuna GEM, Foxeer Lollipop V2, and Lumenier AXII antennae. Side-by-side flight video of FPV feeds along with manufacturer spec’s. Slow the video down to 0.25 or 0.5 speed during the flight videos portion by using the "gear"/Settings Icon at the bottom right of the video. This will allow you to make a better comparison of the 4 flight videos simultaneously. In your opinion, which one wins?

Posted by TMacFPV | Nov 30, 2018 @ 03:12 PM | 2,044 Views
Able to complete a basic LED FPV Race Course on & under our front porch mentioned in our last post! Not elaborate, but a start. Certainly fun to fly, even with a Beginner FPV Whoop like the Eachine QX65! Check it out! Happy Flying All!
Beginner FPV Whoop Drone LED Flight (3 min 12 sec)

Posted by TMacFPV | Nov 29, 2018 @ 08:22 AM | 2,653 Views
This could be the start of something really BIG or TINY (Whoop). The beginnings of our front porch LED Whoop track. Hope to fly it real soon. Wonder if I can make it through the tiny gaps under the porch. What do you think?
Posted by TMacFPV | Nov 24, 2018 @ 09:53 AM | 2,617 Views
Bottom Line: Below I have posted a video doing a side-by-side comparison of two of the most feature-packed Flight Controller and ESC stack combos for Micro FPV Quads. 👍

Why I have done this? – I have just completed a Micro FPV 2.5 inch build and learned a lot of stuff that I thought might be useful to some if I passed it along. In this case, I started out with a different Flight Controller and ESC stack than what I eventually ended up with. My first choice was a stack that had the flight controller and ESC connected by pins. I saw reviews and heard comments from some that they have had problems with this type of arrangement where the “housings” both the “male-type” with the pins and the “female-type” with the receptacles for the pins would physically become disconnected from the boards. So, I thought to alleviate this (because I liked the size, weight, and features of this particular stack), I would apply some epoxy to the joints holding the connectors to the board (as others had done to alleviate this issue). I did not have any problems with this. I did have other issues with the stack, however.

First of all, the ESC in this stack only worked sporadically and erratically and finally ended up burning out a motor (during set-up, not flight!). Secondly, the impact of “normal” unintended landings (i.e. crashes) caused the pin connector’s housings material (I believe it to be plastic) to crack—there would be cracks in the housings. These then led to...Continue Reading
Posted by TMacFPV | Nov 17, 2018 @ 08:28 PM | 1,904 Views
Finally! Got to do the Maiden Flight video on our Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Build!
Meet “Lexi!” Our FlexRC Ascent 2.5-inch build, with on-board Runcam DVR, as she sets sail on her maiden flight. She’s sportin’ the Orange and Green pinstripes.
Maiden Flight was a “Blast!” Check it out below. It’s a Jolly (Roger) Good Time, Savvy? Yo-Ho! How many different “Pirate” things did you see in this video? What did you think about the Onboard Runcam DVR video quality?
Micro FPV 2.5 Inch Drone Build - FlexRC Ascent Maiden Flight (4 min 28 sec)