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Posted by Hotsome | Dec 19, 2018 @ 01:50 AM | 1,583 Views
Hi, not sure if I have to post this here but Iíll give it a try. I need help, I found my dad old rc car. Itís a tyco rc Lamborghini countach 9.6v. Quick story, my grand pa was a mad fan of rc cars and trucks, just before he past away he bought the Lamborghini for my dad. Didnít get the chance to spend much time with neither of them. When I was younger I remember spending hours playing with the lambo. Unfortunately i remember waking up one day and seeing the lambo broken. I remember that my dad got real sad and never talked about it again. Iím 26 now and still a big fan of rc cars. My dad is a old grumpy man, I decided to surprise him by fixing the car. The thing is I have no clue how to do it or know where to get the parts from. I tried eBay and a couples of weird sites.I have whatís left of the lambo. Iím asking if anyone got one like mine or is willing to sell me parts or something. Everything seem to be broken but Iím going to go ahead and give a try to bring joy to my dad by surprising him and fixing it or making him believe I did. Please let me know if anyone has anything to help!