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Posted by Degothia | Dec 11, 2018 @ 10:31 AM | 1,188 Views
I have recently taken an interest in FPV and have been researching for the last few months (Started around Sept. 18). I have about 75% of my gear bought now and have begun building two of my three quads.

I have an Arris C250 V2 that I picked up cheap in the US on vacation recently that I am going to start on. It's a bind and fly that I will be adding a TBS crossfire to and basically beating to death in the spring. The idea being that I can make mistakes and crash it until I figure out what I'm doing and then move on to another freestyle build once I know what I'm doing.

I am also building a 7 inch GPS equipped Chameleon Ti for some medium/long range experimentation. It will start out as a 4S and eventually be a 6S once I decide what motor/prop combo will work best with that. I will do a build journal once I get all the parts and figure out the best place to put everything.

I am also building a Floss 2.1 Team 4S race quad that I can convert to 6S with motor swaps after I get better at flying it. I will have a build journal for this Quad as well.

This blog will mostly be for me to look back at as I progress and also keep a history of what I was doing wrong/right in the past. A real time record of my progress in FPV.

I live in Bracebridge Ontario Canada and would like to meet other FPV enthusiasts in my area to fly with and learn from.

Currently taking my time getting my gear sorted out but I'm almost there.