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Posted by EagleBrother UAV | Nov 29, 2018 @ 03:05 AM | 1,900 Views
On November 22nd, Eagle Brother's professional drone spraying team operated on litchi trees to demonstrate drone sprayer efficiency on high fruit trees.

Eagle Brother's 17 kg payload helicopter sprayer

The litchi trees are about 10 meters hight in average and planted in a forest park only about one hour drive from our office. According to the litchi tree owners, it's very difficult for themselves to spray pesticide because the trees are too high and terrain is very complicated. They had to find new ways to handle the job and finally decided to invite us to demonstrate our drones after seeing them at an expo about half a month ago.

Eagle Brother's pilot prepare to fly

The team sprayed on the litchi trees with the TY-M12L multi-rotor drone and TY-787 unmanned helicopter. To demonstrate better, the team put test papers all over the sample trees from top to bottom. After a day's hard work, the team finished spraying on nearly 200 acres litchi trees. According to the test papers, the chemical had covered the samples from top to bottom with adequate density to kill pests.

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Posted by EagleBrother UAV | May 15, 2018 @ 04:26 AM | 2,173 Views
When use agriculture drone for crop spraying, it's quite crucial to choose the right nozzle type since it affects nebulization, pesticide utilization and spraying efficiency.
Pressure nozzle and centrifuge nozzle are the two common types in market now. It's difficult for rookie pilots to choose between them. What is the advantage and disadvantage of these two? Which to use? Here are some tips over the different types of nozzles.

Eagle Brother's 3WD-TY-17L Agriculture Sprayer Helicopter


Pressure Nozzle

Pressure nozzle utilize pump pressure to force liquid nebulized into droplets. The diameters of the droplets vary according to different pressure of the pump and aperture of the nozzle.

With strong downward pressures, droplets penetrate deep into plant with tiny volume of liquid drifting away. It prevents evaporation at hot and dry weather conditions. Also, using pressure nozzles means simple spraying unit and lower cost.

Pesticide liquid is not evenly nebulized, the diameters of droplets vary greatly and nozzle easily jams especially when spraying pesticide powders.

Eagle Brother's 3WD-TY-17L sprays with pressure nozzle

Centrifuge Nozzle

Centrifuge nozzle rotate in accordance with motors and produces centrifugal force that turns liquid into droplets. The diameters of droplets are mainly decided by the voltage of the motors.

Liquid is evenly nebulized into droplets of almost the same diameters.
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