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Posted by Steps | Nov 29, 2018 @ 04:50 PM | 1,599 Views
Posted by Steps | May 10, 2018 @ 02:31 PM | 2,192 Views
A number of folks in my club fly foamies, but they all seem to suffer from what I call Balsa Guilt. It goes like this; you pull off a great move, or a really complex sequence with style. But rather than bask in the afterglow, that little voice says, "that would have been great if only you'd done it with a balsa plane." When flying foamies, you have fun, but privately realize its only practice leading up to doing the same stuff with your gasser. You hear guys who learned on and still fly foam talk about 'stepping up to balsa.' You even read that phrase in articles and hear it discussed in team pilot videos, encouraging you to use foamies as the great practice tool they are, designed to prepare you for the real flying experience, balsa.

I Just gotta say, I learned on balsa and flew nothing else for 30 years. I always liked to practice, and relished sessions at the club field when I had the place to myself, so I could practice slow rolls as much as I wanted without bothering anyone. I remember when 3D came into fashion. I spent countless hours flying glow and gas powered planes in an attempt to learn the new style. And when things went sideways, it bit my wallet, sometimes hard. Still I figured it out, learned to huck it low and mostly keep it off the ground. Then last fall, I gave the foam electric thing a try. Instantly my life changed. I was now flying every day in the parks, often putting in 4 flights in a half hour and then heading home. The...Continue Reading