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Posted by Mark Winstanley | Dec 24, 2018 @ 06:42 AM | 2,301 Views
All of our short kits are now listed in a catalogue that is updated regularly to include new offerings. Email for your copy [email protected]

Posted by Mark Winstanley | Nov 16, 2018 @ 04:41 PM | 2,518 Views
All the Kanata Aircraft Models short Kits are now available in a catalogue. Attached to this post is the catalogue. You can order by PM through RCGroups or through our Facebook Page by searching for "Kanata Aircraft Models.
Posted by Mark Winstanley | May 15, 2018 @ 08:13 AM | 3,725 Views
This blog has been dormant for far too long. I have just obtained a CNC machine and am now able to cut out the middle man and offer short kits at even lower prices. I can still offer the existing range that were previously offered as laser cut but will now be CNC cut. CNC machining offers the same accuracy of parts as laser cut without the burnt edges that need to be sanded off to let the glue stick parts together.

CNC cut kits include all parts to make the model with the exception of any strip or sheet stock, moulded plastic parts, wire parts etc. Kits can be cut from any plan that has been made available in the public domain and I usually get my plans from Outerzone, AeroFred or Hip Pocket Aeronautics. If you have your own plan I can usually cut parts for that.

Custom CNC cutting work can be done just PM me for a quote. I can cut up to 3/8" balsa and 1/4" plywood and bass wood. Depron can also be cut.

Custom CAD work can be performed at reasonable rates - PM me for a quote.

Balsa wood used for CNC cutting is of the best quality as is the bass and plywood.

Now Available:

ELF-16. This sleek delta was designed by David Boddington back in 1986 for RCM&E. It is a 2 channel (although you could fit a throttled engine with modern lightweight radios at no performance loss) model designed for a COX 049 Babe Bee or equivalent. Price $49.99 CAD.
Kit includes all wing ribs, fuselage sides, formers, cut spars and plywood parts. The kit does not include...Continue Reading
Posted by Mark Winstanley | Dec 11, 2015 @ 02:36 PM | 7,764 Views
I have prepared cut files for laser cutting of the following RCM plans. All the plans can be found on or HippocketAeronautics ( or AeroFred (

Short kits (laser cut parts only - no sheet or strip wood, hardware, wire etc.) can be obtained from me at the following prices:

1/2A P-51D Mustang (Plan 645) - $50 US plus shipping
1935 Taylor Cub Model E-2 (Plan 811) - $150 US plus shipping
Grumman Widgeon (Plan 1139) - $200 US plus shipping
Bobcat (Plan 1017) - $TBA plus shipping
RCM Clown (Plan 952) - $TBA plus shipping
New**Funster 40 (Plan 871) - $115 US plus shipping**New

Also now available - Lanier 1/2A Shrike -$40 US plus shipping
Devil Dancer (Wot 4) - $150 US plus shipping
Royal Spirit of St. Louis (Ryan NYP) - $160 US plus shipping
1/4 scale Super Chipmunk based on the Carl Goldberg kit - $250US plus shipping

More designs will be added as I complete the files - keep looking.

I also offer CAD services at competitive rates. If you have a plan/design and want files for laser cutting email or PM me for an estimate.

In addition I have the following designs that used to be sold by Kanata Aircraft Models:

Cassutt - 33" span scale model for .15 - .25 glow. Can be converted to electric
Revolution - 56" span scale model for .25 glow. This is a scale model of the Spacewalker homebuilt
NEW** Electric Revolution - electric version of the glow powered model - Short Kit $90US plus shipping **NEW
RV-4 - 39" span scale model for .15 glow.
Thruxton Jackaroo - 1/8th scale model of a 4 seat DH82A Tiger Moth - 46" span for electric power.

Posted by Mark Winstanley | Dec 01, 2015 @ 08:20 AM | 7,234 Views
My latest project is to provide laser cut short kits for the RCM plans provided in the RCM Plans thread. The kits will consist of laser cut parts only - no sheet or strip stock or any hardware.

I have attached an example of my work as the cut files for the RCM E3 Taylor Cub.

My background for this is as follows:

I have designed, manufactured and marketed laser cut kits for my own model company Kanata Aircraft Models (which I had to close following a move to Europe, for a while);

I have built and flown prototype models for Peter Rake and have had articles published in several model magazines; provided CAD services to Robin Fowler during the design of his DH Fox Moth and have provided CAD services for laser cutting to several modellers through RCGroups.

In my professional life, I am an Aeronautical Engineer and have worked for:
Hawker Siddeley Aviation
British Aerospace
Transport Canada Aviation
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited and
European Aviation Safety Aviation.

Currently I have my own Aviation Safety Consultancy (International Aviation Certification Specialists) and am a UAV pilot for a small photography company (Aero-Media).
Posted by Mark Winstanley | Jul 01, 2009 @ 01:39 AM | 11,329 Views
Here are some photos I took last week of the IMAA Model Circus at La Ferte Alais:...Continue Reading