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Posted by rtmike | Dec 16, 2018 @ 05:46 PM | 827 Views
Well I just got my 4th Arrma Big Rock. This ones on the nice side so I'll be robbing the electronics from a piece of caca Big Rock that a former friend dumped off on me. More on that later. I'll part out the POS Big Rock and either keep the one I just got or sell. I'll prolly sell it since im already in the process of building another Big Rock with carbon fiber frame plates and etc.

I used to have approximately 5 new in box Snap On X Maxxes. Also had 3 Snap On M41 boats. Shortly after they sued Arrma I started selling everything Traxxas. I've now replaced the SO X Maxxes with nib Arrma Nero, Fazon & Big Rock. I've sold pretty much all of my Traxxas rigs and will NEVER buy anything new Traxxas again. They remind of grade school bullies, smh. I had enough of that.
I know it's sucked not being about to pick up one of those new Bronco trx4's, lol.

I like what I've read by a Bill DeLong. Traxxas is a Patent Troll. Theres no 2 ways about it.

Back to my Arrma Nero infactuation, lol. I'm up to 4 BR's, 3 Blue Neros, 3 Nero Fazons. I only want to keep one of each nib and my carbon fiber BR. So I figure $500 for each?

Back to the former friend. This piece of caca owed me $1150 from September to recently. I told him finally Id take rc rigs in trade and a $500 half lb. of cannabis. He fought with me, didn't want to finally agreeing.
Well the day came and he dropped the 2 rcs off at the front door and was gonna leave without saying anything. Those 2 rigs equal "maybe" $900. He done it cause I"m paralyzed and he can get away with it. I guarantee I would have knocked him on his FAT ass!

So I'm telling as many peeps as I can. Avoid doing deals with Stephen Fendley. At least get everything in writing!, smh.