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Posted by Neilius | Sep 12, 2018 @ 06:10 PM | 2,267 Views
For those of you interested in higher tension gimbals, it's very possible to do a mod with the included springs. I know UGFPV are looking to put out a higher tension spring kit but honestly that would be such a PITA to change and require some gimbal disassembly. The method i used is simple, the springs are attached to a sliding column that is moving up and down inside a channel via an M2 bolt. The M2 bolt that move the spring tensioning part are by stock actually at their full tension and topped out by the head of the screw. Now if the screw itself is 2mm longer then you have 2mm more travel height for the spring holder to move up and that 2mm made the world of difference. So if you want to do this get some M2x12mm bolts and replace the M2x10mm ones. Best of all this requires no fiddling with removing springs or disassembly of the gimbals. I've also checked full travel and no fouling on back part of the TX case, despite sitting slightly more proud than before.

In the pics attached below you can see the original screw phillips head at its max and how low the spring tensioner is sitting. The hexhead bolts ive used have a finer thread for finer adjustment and hexes are just nicer. Because these bolt heads are bigger i did shave away a little corner of the hall PCB so it didn't foul there but there are absolutely no traces in that corner so its nothing to worry about. Just carefully dremel or file away if the bolts you use have larger heads like mine. If you go with low profile heads you likely wont need to bother doing this at all.

Finally a small flight video on my 6 inch quad with crossfire running 250mw mode on the Nirvana. I will say the end to end digital is noticeable and i love the precision, however without the extra gimbal tension i found that to result in a twitchy feel. Now this is set up how i like it it feels great.

Hope some of this is useful. NJ
(NJ Tech on YT)

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