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Halloa guys

sooo yes.. a new version of FPV Freerider.. An FPV (quad) flying sim as you probably know.. Freerider has been my sim of choise for several years by now, so I was excited to check out it's new version.. Which is now available on steam by the way..

Link to it:

And the biggest addition in this new version is a track generator.. A what?? This generator creates 'random' FPV racing tracks.. Quite fun actually
Here is my overview of the new version:

FPV Simulator: FPV Freerider 2018 New Version! (with Track Generator! :O) (19 min 29 sec)

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Engineered for Industrial Application
The Espect is a mini-sized quadcopter which adopts EWATT’s proven eWise flight control and propulsion system. Combined with our industrial-grade visible light & thermal imaging cameras and GCS (Ground Control System), the Espect excels in industrial and commercial purposes: power line & Telecommunication station inspection, police reconnaissance and law enforcement, fire reconnaissance, search & rescue.

Espect Takes Off in Zhuhai, China (6 min 9 sec)

Tech Specs:
29-minute flight time (with standard payload)
2 KM operation range
Multiple payload options up to 800g
IP43 water protection level

1. Reliable and safe flight
The Espect has been developed for a variety of commercial applications which is accomplished by integrating highly engineered flight control, navigation, remote control, telemetry systems, and visible light/thermal imaging. Also incorporated into the reliable flight system is the integrated flight propulsion system and battery management system. The Espect is also equipped with an advanced flight shielding that is specially optimized to resist electromagnetic interference which makes flight near powerlines not only possible, but safe to do so. The integration of these systems into a modular design, combines to make a safe and reliable flight system.

2. Obstacle Avoidance System
Frontal obstacle avoidance sensors make the Espect detect objects within 10 meters and brake...Continue Reading
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Finished up. Guillows says the 1903 Wright Flyer was for ages 12 and older because it’ll often make you feel like a 12 yr-old!

The model is extremely delicate. I can see why many say they don’t finish. The plans go from highly directive instructions to photos with labels. The worst advice was to put rigging in the wings before adding all the other elements. Adding the motor, pilot, and chain runs would have been almost impossible.

The wood block provided as an engine was horrible. I googled the real engine and tried to make something a bit more sophisticated. Instead of black thread, I wish it had been thinner or gray. It stands out too prominently.

Yes I’ll be proud to display my Wright Flyer. Once the rigging was in place it became much stronger. The support struts and other pieces make it much stronger, but I’d never want to throw it to see if it glides.

It makes you appreciate what the Wright brothers invented!
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This is the Eachine Wizard TS130 that is a 3 inch drone with big motors and support 3S and 4S.
Wizard TS130 is flying very well with 3S and have many speed with my Tattu Lipo R-Line 850mAh 95C 4S. The CCD Foxeer camera is very good.
Please update the Omnibus F4 to the latest Betaflight firmware for better performance with 4S LiPo.

Get the Eachine Wizard TS130 on Banggood

Link to Banggood with 12% CoupoN: 12TS130 or TTxBG10

Here my review video
Eachine Wizard TS130 3 Zoll FPV Racer (4 min 1 sec)

Used the
Tattu R-line LiPo 850mAh 95C 4S XT60 - Amazon...Continue Reading
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Hi,We are EPP foam airplane manufacturer,currently we have some glider stock on sale,any of you have interest,can message to me
spring.xie(at)homi365....Continue Reading
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Came in the mail a few days ago , some 2mm Bullet prop adaptors ..
So I put one on the GB mystery motor ..

3s Battery
7x3.5 Propeller

11.940 RPM - 4.9Amp - 3s battery just over 11v under load

Motor ran cool .
So the 7x3.5 is ok and the 7x4.5 is too much on 3s ..

2mm prop adaptor .
Was a 4 pack and 3 out of 4 were ever so slightly to small to fit comfortably .
Lucky for me one was just right and fit shaft perfectly .
Prop adaptor runs Purrrrrrfect .
So I would suggest if some one is interested in the mystery motor , a 2mm Bullet prop adaptor might be the way to go .
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T-Motor 6A ESC (2s)


Original Price: $13.90

Now: $1.90

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What goes up must come down.

The little Harbor Freight P-51 project went up for a test flight last week and it didn't end too well.

It acted tail heavy even though it wasn't and kept rolling on the ailerons. One thing for sure is that adding the carbon fiber spar to the wing took out a lot of dihedral. My guess is that's what caused it to crash.

Interestingly, it remained in one piece for the most part. The cowl is a loss and I'm not sure from whence it came. It might be an E-flite part.

It's battered and beaten, but I'm thinking of removing the spar, restoring the dihedral and giving it another whirl just for laughs. I mean, what could happen?

Stay tuned since this might be interesting.
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Eachine Wizard TS130 reviewed on my channel

Il nuovo FPV Racer da 130mm: Eachine Wizard TS130! (16 min 22 sec)

After update to BF 3.5.1 it seems go better with 4S.
Right now I can declare some PROS and CONS
fun flyer
small size
it flies with 4S and 3S
enough speed for freestyle and racing
quality Foxeer cam
accessible boot buton on FC
lipo protector

no buzzer
no BNF version available at moment

See my video with BF 3.5.1
How to update to Betaflight 3.5.1 - Eachine Wizard TS130 (7 min 37 sec)
...Continue Reading
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One of my favorite platform is the tricopter and with the right and correct tuning , it's one of the best acro flyer too and it's very easy to build and tune.

With just couple of channel reversing on the TX , we can have a tricopter to fly in reverse like the servo out and here is mine .

I have built a reverse tricopter a while back with different frame and this one has the side to side twin motors higher or elevated from the single one.



CLOSE-UP PICS* VIDEO will follow soon.

...Continue Reading
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Had the pleasure to Maiden this fine flying model from E-Flite!

The Owner, Stanley asked me to take-off with his new model and perform the trim process. (I was the only Instructor there at the time)

The model was true and straight on the ROG (Rise-Off-Ground) to my shock and pleasant surprise.

Performed at least 4 laps and had the model trimmed and handed the transmitter to Stanley.

Here is his landing!

Stanley's new Horizon F4U Corsair 11 08 2018 (0 min 59 sec)

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I got one of these from MRC during the pre-order sale, should be here middle of December

The model has a wingspan of 106 cm, while the full scale one has a wingspan of 13.56 m :

so the scale here is 12.79 : 1 or roughly 13-th scale.

I am not sure I need another grey jet, but this one looks good on close inspection - and is my favorite size, 90mm.

I got the arf plus version, so will put in my own JetFan + HET inrunner power system. I never had the JePe one but saw it fly, and it was a great flier.

Nice pictures of the model have been posted here :


Video added :

F-22 Raptor by Freewing JetFan 90 8S - 4K UHD (2 min 13 sec)

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Tianqu Visuo XS812 GPS drone - WHAT A MESS THIS UNBOXING (9 min 44 sec)

Hi guys and welcome to this unreal video of Tianqu Visuo XS812 gps drone unboxing

Due to bad weather forecast you have to digest this unboxing made of joke and silly voice...once weather will be better, I will do a full flight test of the Tianqu Visuo XS812 gps 5g fpv camera

This is one of the best GPS drone UNDER 100 €

Buy it here from TOMTOP:
Visuo XS812 1 battery version:
Visuo XS812 3 battery version: (best deal)

Item brand: VISUO
Item name: XS812 GPS FPV Drone
Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH
Color: Black
Camera: 5G 720P
Control distance: about 200m
5G Wifi Trans-distance: about 200m
Drone battery: 3.7V 1800mAh lipo battery
Flying time: about 14mins
Charging time: About 180mins
Remote controller battery: 4 * AAA battery(not included)
Quadcopter size: 182 * 146 * 60mm (Folded)
330 * 330 * 60mm (Unfolded)
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I purchased a new motor for my V912 and it turns the wrong way what can I do to make it turn the right way please help
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I bought this lightly used “discontinued” Freewing B-17 off a guy on one of the classifieds. I got home from picking it up with just enough time to throw a receiver in and have it flight ready before dark. I got it done and headed to my runway (golf course) that is 100 feet from my house 😉. I powered it up and had it ready for takeoff when I got the overwhelming feeling of “DONT DO IT”. I hadn’t even researched the CG envelope or the planes flight characteristics. Like I do with every plane I buy. The downside to flying on a golf course in a gated community is that there are always people out cruising around in their golf carts right when I can use it for flying. I usually have a small crowd watching, weather I like it or not. That day a couple stopped and started taking pics and saying how excited they were... I stupidly disregarded my gut feeling and checked the CG with where I thought was appropriate. As soon as she was airborne, after 10 feet, I knew I was going to be accomplishing a miracle getting it down in one piece. The airplane was so tail heavy that I could barely fly straight and level yet try for an approach. It would snap roll into a death spiral out of nowhere. I recovered from a few but eventually I was too close to the ground. It drove straight down into the nose. For the amount of impact, I was surprised at how little damage had been done, even though it was bad, I was assuming much worse. I searched everywhere for replacement fuselages and parts...Continue Reading
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Here is my first build of an RC boat. It is a wooden kit of a fishing boat (Thonier) made by the French hobby company 'Soclaine'. This kit seems to date back to 199x, but it can still be found in several online French  shops. I got mine on a flea market, but it was completely new, the box had not even been opened. It is for my 10 years old son.