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Below is my first look and thoughts at the new DJI CrystalSky Monitor, this is the 5.5"

If you want to skip my initial thoughts are from 11:50 onwards.

DJI CrystalSky 5.5 Inch Device Mini Review & First Look (14 min 17 sec)

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Here is a little info on my electric 3dhs Edge 92" to include components and weights

1. Airplane Weight minus batterys 6795g

A. components

1) Motrofly 5335 175KV
2) Jeti Mezon 130 esc (opto)
3) Savox 2271 on surfaces
4) Spektrum ar10000 dsmx receiver with 3 sats
5) Jr power safe switch

B. Battery

1) 12s power Gens Ace 5300 x2
2) receiver power Genasis 60c 2200mah 7.4

2. Airplane weight with batterys ready to fly weight, 8475 grams or 18.6 lbs

92" 3DHS Edge 540
Wingspan: 91 inches
Length: 91 inches
Wing Area: 1500 sq. in.
Weight: 17-20lbs. 272-320 oz.
Wing Loading: 26.11-30.72 oz./sq. ft.
Middle: 28.415 oz./sq. ft.
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Just for a laugh, you can fly the Star Wars Millennium Falcon around in Phoenix too!

I suggest Tatooine (AKA Desert Mesa) as your flying site; plenty of room to let her rip with nothing to get in the way, even those hills seem out of reach and the site looks the part too.

She is built as a helicopter which best fits the flight characteristics.

The navigation lights are controlled by the Return Home function which you can map to your keyboard or Tx.

Sensor Dish and both Upper and Lower Guns rotate with the Rudder.

You can find the Phoenix model here.

Based on a modified Sketchup model created by Ian W.
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Einige lesen sie andere nicht. Bei der Bedienungsanleitung der Mi Drone 4K gibt es jedoch ein Problem. Offiziell ist diese nur auf Chinesische verfügbar. Immerhin, seit einiger Zeit gibt es eine inoffizielle englische Übersetzung. Für Leute ohne englisch Kenntnis ist aber auch diese nicht sonderlich hilfreich. Aus diesem Grund habe ich mir die Mühe gemacht eine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung zu verfassen.

Dabei herausgekommen ist eine 27 Seitige Anleitung mit einer detailierten Beschreibung, wichtigen Informationen und Tipps zur Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.

Du kannst sie dir über den nachfolgenden Link downloaden. Ich versuche die Anleitung immer aktuell zu halten und nehme Verbesserungsvorschläge gerne über das Kontaktformular entgegen.

Beachte dabei dass es sich nicht um eine offizielle Anleitung handelt. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr!
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brought a new eflight 60 and 70a esc from dealer and when i try and program it throttle wont work motor just speeds up until i have to pull contact help anyone know whats wrong thanks just changed from gas to electric
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Cell phone camera only:
A-10 at KMFK airfield (4 min 46 sec)

Three scale flights caught on camcorder:
Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II - Warthog (13 min 9 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I few the A5 at the lake this morning. Very little wind when I took off and then a steady wind as I was up in the air. It was handing this ok under power, but that T tail weather vanes so much! It wasn't much wind and I was not concerned. As I made my final approach, I banked and the wind just pushed the wind down and the ailerons do not have enough authority to fight it. I was able to splop it in the water at the last minute by kicking the tail down. It belly flopped for lack of better way to describe it. However! It stayed upright and all was fine. The hatch did come off and I had to get the pedal boat out to retrieve that.

Meanwhile, I started a new build. I purchased a Great Planes Extra 300s 60 sized kit. I am making a lot of easy mods to the kit to give it more control authority and to save weight. So far I have built the HS and EL's. This structure was changed to have counter balances on the tail. The rudder is next and it will get extended a bit in the rear and the VS will be shortened so the CB has a bit more surface area. I'm excited to have a nitro powered aerobat with a little size so I can fly in a little more wind than my electric Etna can handle. Seems like the wind is always blowing this year! Not to mention, the larger planes are just easier to see.

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Open to Air craft requests, 2, 3 and four engines. or post it here.

Vincent Unrau
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Contixo F6 Altitude Hold WiFi FPV Unboxing Review Flight Test - Rotate Camera from the Controller (26 min 55 sec)

First of all, this thing is fast...who doesn't like fast quadcopters? Yep, it is obviously a clone of the WLToys Q323. Most of the quadcopters I have flown that have altitude hold are limited in how much speed they can pick up, but as you'll see in the video this one really cooks. The main unique feature is the ability to pitch the camera from the controller. It works ok, but that's not why I really like this one. I haven't been getting the advertised 18-minutes flight time, but 10-12 minutes on average gives me a good flying fix.

-It is fast but stable enough to slow down and capture video
-Prominent LEDs visible from various angles
-Decent flight time despite not getting the advertised 18-minutes (I have averaged between 10-12 minutes). Turn off the LEDs for longer flights.
-Controller functions are labeled
-Very acrobatic with flips and rolls able to be done in quick succession
-Use those Syma X8 batteries in this one

-Phone mount does not accommodate larger smartphones
-Lipo battery only comes with a balance charge plug, so it cannot be charged with a balance charger
-Controller takes 6 AA batteries
-Modular camera fits loosely so comes loose during flight. This disrupts the WiFi feed causing it to disconnect. The video is still captured on the app (if you stop the video before shutting down) but it cannot be downloaded to your phone due to the disconnect. Normally it will download.
-Video and photo quality is meh.
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I fly a lot in Phoenix Flight Simulator and found a fantastic thread with some really wonderful user-made models.

It wasn't long before I wanted to make my own, so here is my first attempt; Leonardo da Vinci's Air Screw.

Leonardo is credited with inventing the helicopter with his Air Screw. In fairness he was probably influenced by the Chinese Top.

The idea was a bunch of guys would stand on the platform and running round the mast, turn the capstan thus providing power to the screw so generating lift.

The original Sketchup model was created by alfebilbao and took quite a lot of modification to get it into Phoenix Builder.

The Phoenix model can be downloaded here.
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Want a FC/Rx that's is very cheap($7.5) and small and light?
To use with a cheap light brushless 4in1 ESC ($14) or any brushless ESC for that matter.

It is possible to use this cheap toy flight controller
With something like this ESC
To build a cheap light brushless quadcopter.
I built one here which weighs 27 grams from bamboo skewers and this information is there too but I've was asked to document this part for ease of finding.

For d shot ( easiest requiring no extra parts but read on because there is reason to not do this with the fishpepper ESC )
Here are the connections made on the bwhoop b03 for d shot or any other protocol in fact , the signal is taken before the fet and no resistors need adding and no capacitor needs removing.
Attachment 10142533
This works great for an ESC which has proper regulators on board, unfortunately the fishpepper 4in1 1s ESC does not so it won't work until battery it at 3.85v, this could possibly be fixed by replacing the regulator on the b03 with a 3.1v ldo type but then brown outs and loss of control may be a problem and sourcing a 3.1v ldo cheaply and quickly seems impossible.

For one shot with signal taken after the fets so that it works with fishpepper 1s 4in1 ESC
Capacitors on ready to be removed
Attachment 10145342
Capacitors removed
Attachment...Continue Reading
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It's quite clear that the lunchbox steering has been hunting, ever since the encounter with Asian capitalism. A rear wheel was damaged, so it bounces up & down. This makes the gyro oscillate, which makes the steering erratic. Its damaged state is a good time to try more aggressive techniques of locking the tires to the wheels.

The lion kingdom started seriously considering installing a camera & sound system for making eye level vlogs from the vehicle. 10 mile runs can get extremely boring & a lot of thoughts come through a lion's mind. It would be a much smaller camera than a gopro, suspended by a guywired carbon fiber rod. There are now lots of keychain cameras advertising "1080p" for under $40. Wireless headset microphones are now under $50.

Then of course, there's the DJI Mavic. There is a way to make a 1 handed remote control for it & fix the altitude so it follows an athlete semi autonomously. It would be 20 minutes at a time, but enough to capture a speed mile. There wouldn't be a way to drive a ground vehicle simultaneously. The Mavic would need to accurately track a speed. For $1000, the video would be watched by 20 people.
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For those with deep pockets ! There is one on Feebay ...

My my my , a MK2 Tiger ... ( I am in no way affiliated with the seller or engine )
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Just received my Babyhawk a couple of weeks ago, added my receiver to it and have flown it fine for three days in a row and put about 12 battery pacs through it (2s 450 mh and 2s 500 mh) every thing was working fine. Today I took off and at about 100yds away it back flips and drops out of the sky. I disarm the quad, go and pick it up and try to re-arm it and it will only play 1/2 of the tone when I power it up?

I just now plugged it into Betaflight and the Femto doesn't light up and I cannot connect?

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I used to enjoy it's like Johnny, take your medicine, it's good for ya! I'm not making this stuff has been non stop! I just lost a half hours posting as lightening struck near by and the power went out.
Couple pictures of my nemesis!

One more interior panel and the cockpit sides will be finished and ready for paint, well some day! I shot those progress pictures and the main access door entry.
I've been looking at the landing light crevice and wanted to add something simple but effective.
As I looked into reflectors, I finally found a 12 mm plastic bowl suitable for a 5 mm LED, for a great value at .25 cents each at Fiber Optic Products.
I felt like I found gold to come across the size I wanted. Trouble is I have to paint them. but ALCLAD II paint to the rescue.
I've used their Chrome ( G ) before on a Stearman project, for the radial engine valve covers. I was pretty satisfied and surprised it turned out bright. A couple pictures for the end result. So I will spray the white reflectors with this finish.

I have used a lot of the very lite ply .020 in the cockpit and decided to frame the sides of the cut out of the landing light to clean up the edges.

My plane had a lot of dings and surface grinding by people that are looking at a time clock and not the project. If you look at the right side of the light box you will see a balsa insert block used to replace a very badly shaped crushed leading edge of the...Continue Reading
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Hello RCGroups Fam

I am looking for some feedback in regards to a new action/review camera,my old trusty SJ4000 has been sent to the camera graveyard,my RunCam HD is my current camera of use and it is a great camera for video recording but when I use it as a "hatcam" for review purposes I find the audio is not so good.Thinking I might pick up a Mobius here ,from what I have seen it is a good review on the go type camera as that is most of what I plan on doing with this.Also think this one looks interesting FOXEER Box 4K ,Foxeer is over twice the price as teh Mobious but claims to be 4K .Some more to research,what do you all prefer?I appreciate any advise,Thanks

Oh wait another interesting option,not a hat cam usable but something I could mount on a tripod hmmm

Opps one more thought and this may be the one the Foxeer Legend 2