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Posted by glennj6 | May 10, 2016 @ 06:24 AM | 1,682 Views
Test 123
Posted by midelic | May 10, 2016 @ 05:06 AM | 29,797 Views
I opened this thread to gather the best ideas and in order to design a better 2.4Ghz RF protocol with new features or improved ones that the other existing Rf protocols don't have.
So I suggest we start discussion from general to particular.From what we want to how we do it.
I will post on this first page all good ideas.
Crazy ideas are welcomed.

To summarize ideas until this moment.

1.To be opensource.
2.Maximum 24 channels.
3.RF chip 2.4Ghz CC2500.One of the most versatile 2.4GHz RF chip.
4.2.4Ghz generic protocol based on above chip with user configurable RF/protocol variables as data rate,no. of channels, bandwidth,update time interval,aso.This one may came with a configuration gui which can generate an user config file before compiling.
5.No PPM .To be used high speed serial comm >=100K between tx and TX RF module.Proposed serial SBUS 100K8E2 every 7ms,Maybe we can make configurable also this serial comm,change baud rate, update time,and/or no.of channels ,other data.This mod requires changes in TX firmware.
6 RX HW with PA/LNA and diversity.RX output serial SBUS .SUMD,or other serial protocol or all configurable.
7.RX with Telemetry.To be discussed if new Telemetry protocol,exiting one or modified.If possible the RX telemetry and serial output on the same port.
Posted by voodou | May 10, 2016 @ 04:27 AM | 4,663 Views
Hi all,

Here is a easy and low cost fighting system for rc models. You just need a spare channel. Code is easy to modify. Thanks to J44 for the Ir part.

I've been using it on a ground target. I can reach target at 50-75m with sunlight but you need to be accaurate.

TX Digispark version:
What do you need?
1x led 5mm infrared 940nm (I use sfh 4545)
1x MMBF170 or bs170 (for powerfull led)
1x digispark
1x convex lens (I use 27 and 33mm)

It's fun and accurate.

1x arduino (nano, pro mini, digispark, ...)
1x IR receiver tsop 4838 (check polarity)
1x speaker

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Posted by Rowhider | May 10, 2016 @ 03:54 AM | 3,819 Views
Last week-end was not only the VHRC Trophy session but the Large Scale 1/4 Formula 1 demo too

These cars are always very impressive to look on asphalt, more when the wether is not perfect: rain came just when F1 came out of pits

This year, a very impressive prototype of Brushless F1 with the same combo ESC/Motor than my Ferrari 330P4.
This car is just astonishing, with a top speed estimated to 110km/h and so much acceleration than rear tires turned to balloons!

Yankee McLaren F1 Brushless by Rowhider, sur Flickr

Yankee McLaren F1 Brushless by Rowhider, sur Flickr

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Posted by Rowhider | May 10, 2016 @ 03:40 AM | 3,670 Views

Last week-end, was the Saint Affrique session of the VHRC 1/4 Large scale trophy with a lot of nice battle with these such beautiful cars.

Yankee BMW 1/4 by Rowhider, sur Flickr

Yankee Mercedes Class C by Rowhider, sur Flickr

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Posted by RCAmy | May 10, 2016 @ 03:10 AM | 4,043 Views
Walkera F210 Speed Test 3 Lipo (7 min 25 sec)

Flight time of ignition of the engines until the beginning of beeps, always at maximum speed:
Tattu lipo 1300mAh 75C 4S Time: 3:30
Bonka Power 1300mAh 75C 4S Time: 3:10
Vcanz Power 1350mAh 45C 4S Time: 2:30

Here to get Tattu 75c LIPO
Posted by PeterPl | May 10, 2016 @ 01:09 AM | 1,694 Views

Previously, it was hardly possible to automatically align thermal images into a mosaic. Low contrast values of some frames caused the errors of automatic images alignment within the mosaic. Now, a new technology uses both thermal and visible spectrum camera images for alignment is developed. This technology provides high precision of overlap and allows to georeference IR images.

Agisoft PhotoScan photogrammetric processing results in:

- Visible spectrum orthophoto mosaic generation (GeoTIFF)
- Thermal images mosaic creation (GeoTIFF)

It is possible to view georeferenced data of thermal survey with Sputnik Web:

You can read the rest of the article here
Posted by alex111 | May 09, 2016 @ 11:01 PM | 2,788 Views
Hey all got a few photos from boondall model boat club to day hoot you like the photos


Posted by accid3ntalg3nius | May 09, 2016 @ 10:25 PM | 1,685 Views
I am starting a new RC journal I contacted someone regarding a th9x transmitter and decided to buy a cheaper used one but I wonder if my parents will fund the project as well
Posted by presydent | May 09, 2016 @ 08:04 PM | 1,648 Views
HELP. Can you identify the muffler in the attached photo?

I bought a T34 that came equipped with a Super Tigre, made in Italy, 40 size 2-stroke engine with this muffler. The block that attaches to the engine is made of aluminum as are the two attached pipes. One of the two pipes is now loose and I am afraid of losing it. I tried using JB Weld that was supposed to handle 650 degree temps, but it did not hold long.

If you recognize the muffler, can you provide its manufacturer as well as where I might by able to purchase a new one?

I love this muffler since it sound like a Harley Motorcycle growl, and everyone at my airfield would like to buy one for their engines as well.

If you can help, feel free to send an email to my attention: Thank you!!!
Posted by BigAirBert | May 09, 2016 @ 08:04 PM | 2,858 Views
This is my first RC Groups submission and I am somewhat new to this hobby, but I feel compelled to share my experiences with the Gulp GV 48 that I just completed from a kit I purchased from Steve Drake last year.

I purchased the Gulp GV 48 kit after having completed and successfully flown a North County Flying Machines M60 last summer. I chose the GV 48 because it looked really cool, would be suitable for the heavy air conditions that are so common to the San Francisco Bay Area where I recently re-located, could be disassembled for travel, and appeared to be an interesting and educational build.

I was not disappointed! I learned an incredible number of techniques during the build, the plane flies beautifully, and has survived the many test flights during it's "break in" period on the slopes. The first toss was in 30+ mph conditions!

In its first truly controlled flight, I describe the plane as fast, precise, and harnesses the lift extremely well for a plane its size. It makes a great whistling sound on the flybys which was a very pleasant surprise for an EPP plane.

As I develop this post, I will include photos and descriptions of the build along with fight videos when I am able to record them.

Please feel free to comment or share your experiences with the Gulp.
Posted by papadwight | May 09, 2016 @ 07:36 PM | 3,133 Views
This time I must cut back yard and runway for my planes with small 02 tank in hand to help with breath. I still fly or work on my runway when my son working a lot. It takes me a while to get the job done. I have never let my need or 02 stop me flying. You see my tank at indoor flying and keep it out back for when I must go out in field to find plane. But on days when working I am on the tank can work a little longer before i must set down. I fly out front without the tank its easy walking on the street or side walk. The deep grass out back not that easy to walk in get tired fast when walking in it. I work more on runway during next few days should be ready by thursday getting new planes in a few days can not wait.
Posted by Capt_Kitt | May 09, 2016 @ 05:23 PM | 4,850 Views
I managed to get lucky and have a relatively wind free morning today. At least that is what it looked like before I set out for the park.
I brought my Hobbyzone Sport Cub with me so I could see if it still flew. I'm still sorting out all my things after the move and I've managed to get a bunch of hangar rash on pretty much anything that can fly. The Cub was okay and did it's usual thing of flying perfectly level when it was set to beginner mode. Switching over to intermediate mode reminded me that the trims were off when it made a graceful arc towards some trees! I corrected this and got back in my pattern. By this time the wind had picked up (blowing NE at apx 5-7MPH) and things were not looking that good when I'd head into the wind. A few unexpected wlde nose up pitches told me that things up there were not exactly calm and constant. I did eventually get back into the swing of it and made a few inside loops and a pretty good aileron roll, only lost 80% of my altitude on it!
I'm hoping to get some time tonight and extract the battery tap connector and mount the micro camera on it for a little FPV action on my next flight day.
Posted by Mr. foambuilder | May 09, 2016 @ 05:06 PM | 5,745 Views
OK, so I was so impressed by a Twisted Hobbys Click a couple f weeks ago that I pulled the trigger and ordered one. Alil more than I usually spend on an EPP plane, but when it arrived, I was amazed at the quality of the kit, and it's components. Every thing but the glue and the equipment. The online manual is very good, just wish some of the pics were a lil bigger, but we are getting it done. So far, everything has fit like a glove, and it is going to be a straight as an arrow plane. Kudos to those that engineered this thing, and to the programmer of the CNC equipment that cut it. You can't get the wings on wrong, and the horizontal stab will not go on upside down(not that I have ever done that). Sandy is impressed with the kit, and if Mine flies like the ones I saw last weekend, there will be a couple more in the stable Gotta run for now, it is time to start making pushrods. The Click is complete, and looking good. Slightly over weight, but so am I. All ready for the maiden some time in the next few days in the local gym.

The Click flew hands off with just 2 "Clicks of trim, even knife edge. I am totally impressed, and We ordered 2 more of them. Sandy is just now starting on hers, and enjoying the build. This is Her first complex build with all the CF bracing, so it will go a little slow. She has the Purple one and I have another green one. We are now in the "Click"!!!!!!!!
Posted by Blaze0021 | May 09, 2016 @ 04:59 PM | 4,591 Views
This is my second 3S recorded Flight of my UMX P-47 Thunderbolt using the Hyperion 3S 240 mAh Babbelbatt and the Eflite 3000Kv Motor / Eflite 5 x 2.75 Propeller combo.

Eflite UMX P-47 Thunderbolt 3S Flight - 3S Babbelbatt (Part II) (5 min 19 sec)

Following the successful first flight of my UMX P-47 on 3S using the Hyperion 3S 180mAh Babbelbatt along with the Eflite 3000Kv Motor and GWS 5043 Prop, I decided to dial down the Prop to the Eflite 5 x 2.75 Prop as this combination has always brought out the best level of performance in my other UMX planes. Dialing down the Prop from the GWS 5043 also remedied the Over-Current Protection Shutoff (OCP) and was non-existent on testings. I had also tested out the Eflite 3000Kv Motor / GWS 5030 Prop combo on 3S prior to this video but was not impressed with the performance of the UMX P-47 with this setup.

The UMX P-47 on 3S, using the Hyperion 3S 240mAh Babbelbatt and the Eflite 3000Kv Motor / Eflite 5 x 2.75 Prop is a powerhouse rocket. Maneuverability is excellent with the increased speed and power. Loops are tall, and aerobatics are sharp and responsive. The best part of this setup is that it provides the best of both worlds.. the 3S Babbelbatt does not alter the slower flight characteristics of the plane, but also allows the plane to "boom and zoom" upon command. The Hyperion 3S 240mAh Babbelbatt will not fit in the stock battery cavity, so the Battery Hatch Mod is highly recommended. My Target Flight Time...Continue Reading
Posted by derekw97 | May 09, 2016 @ 04:36 PM | 3,967 Views
We've updated the Spektrum transmitter comparison chart to reflect the new tx lineup.