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Posted by Flying Horizons | Mar 05, 2017 @ 04:07 PM | 4,271 Views
Since I bought my Typhoon H RealSense, I have been happy with the sharpness for the included lens, but I’ve not been happy by the 115 degree viewing angle, compared to the original Typhoon H Advanced I got to fly a lot when it first came out with a 90 degree lens. Why don't I like it? The 115 degree lens has a bit too much distortion and because of the increased viewing angle, the props and arms come into view too easily when flying in windy conditions and if you try to fly at anything above a snail's pace. Admittedly, the camera on the advanced version when it first was released had focus issues, as in the lens was focused too close.

I proceeded to dismantle the camera, remove the glue holding the lens and then refocused the lens. This made a huge difference and prompted me to by my own Typhoon H. Next problem the later Typhoon H's don't have a threaded mount for the lens to screw into, so to change the lens you need to replace the lens mount as well. This mount is also glued and screwed to the camera circuit board. Now unless you are very confident taking the camera apart, removing ribbon cables, removing glue etc. and have a very steady hand, don't even think about doing this. Also whatever warranty you had, goes out the window, when you strip the camera down.

I looked at several lens options from Peau Productions and Pixaero and although users seemed to be getting good results, there were also users that were having poor results. The other factor is both these...Continue Reading