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Posted by dogz85 | Aug 27, 2015 @ 06:42 AM | 3,260 Views
here is my zmr.

it runs most of the time with 6030 hq props because i think there are more durable.

when i want the speed i run 6045 hq props, but they break if you look at them wrong.

i also run some 7045 hq props from time to time when i want to do some crazy acro los stuff.... its fun in fpv as well but really need wide open space its just a lot of power and i am not used to it yet.

i have the fc and receiver etc in-between the centre plates so that i can put the battery inside the frame (2250mah 4s) i could fit the esc in there as well, however i like them under the airflow.

zmr - cleanflight -blackbox (4 min 39 sec)

Posted by dogz85 | Oct 17, 2014 @ 10:12 AM | 5,017 Views
so this is an old thread.... now days we want damped light and oneshot. so go get some little bee 20amp. zeus20amp from

ok, so i am just going to state this here as fact for the newbies

KissESC are the best esc you can get for MINI multies. better than ultraESC and autoquadESC. no they are not reliable and out of 6, 2 where faulty, but my gosh its worth it when using 6" props.

The BEST all round ESC for multies are turnigy plush, for almost 3 years i have tortured these esc... then about 10 months ago i discovered bl-heli firmware for silabs. thanks to the easy to use flash pads on the plush esc's you just push three pins on (using an Arduino to flash)

sync issues? what are sync issues? turnigy plush with bl-heli dont have non.
esc blowing because max amps? hasn't happened yet. what happens when you run sunny sky on 4cell ? you get 12amp draw and 20amp burst. Turnigy plush 12A, well they deal with it and get the job done.

so if you want an esc that just works and is easy to flash and adjust setting on then this is what you want.

only one warning... DO NOT desolder the motor leads, it leads only to heartache. just cut them and solder you motor leads on.

Posted by dogz85 | May 20, 2014 @ 11:29 AM | 5,532 Views
UPDATE scroll down, V3
Frame weight is now 158grams without battery. with 1300mah is 278grams.
its also shorter at 120mm long (tpiece to motor) and 160mm wide (motor to motor).

Flight time is about 13min cruising and 10min with acro
__________________________________________________ ____________
Well i got some sunny sky 2300kv motors the other day (to run on the blackout) But instead of swapping them over i decided to make a mini tri.

its a proof of concept atm, just to see if i can get a tri to fly as good as a quad, then the designing can start. aiming for a smallest tri using 5 inch props i can make.

of course it will be for fpv, no point flying something this small line of sight, i would loose it in the sky.

anyways, i got a rotor bits tri mechanism and bolted it together (yeh its heavy) and everything works.

FC is an afromini32, motor is sunnysky 2300kv, esc are 12Afro v1(flashed to new firmware)

EDIT add photo. and some more info

Well its been in the air and flight characteristics are VERY nice after a bit of pid tuning on the yaw axis. Unfortunately it has since hit a fence and the frame split at the t-piece. However as a proof of concept it has sone its job and prototyping can move onto version 3.

All the wires are trimmed to the length and soldered directly to the board (no header pins) the RX is is a Frsky d4r2 with headers removed, jumber direct soldered and ppm direct soldered. The rear ESC is powering the servo (isolated...Continue Reading
Posted by dogz85 | Mar 27, 2014 @ 07:05 AM | 5,499 Views

well i was never going to buy a DJI product, but the wife got me a NAZA v2 for my birthday. So it must fly.

Its been fun and a learning experience, especially a lot of the reasons people get fly-away.

i have experienced 3 flyaway lockouts and recovered from all by flicking to manual mode.

here is a pic of the ship

lastly, DJI do not acknowledge the fly away problem and will not fix it. its a bug.

DONT BUY DJI, unless your willing to risk a flyaway
Posted by dogz85 | Jan 29, 2014 @ 10:26 PM | 6,203 Views
EDIT: well its bashed to all heck but still working
it spends most of its time carrying a gimbal now.

it now sporting 2204 2300 kv sunny sky motors and 6x4.5 props and the 6"arms.

the lake (5 min 36 sec)

here it is, the blackout. yep its been seen before. but here is mine.

electronics onboard atm

12A Turnigy plush ESC with blheli
t-motor 1806
flight controller is a witespy Flip 1.5

fpv gear
Sony 1/3 CCD - 2.8mm glass lens
Boscam 600mw TX

she flies like a bulldog

blackout in the field 1 (7 min 25 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by dogz85 | Jan 21, 2014 @ 05:58 AM | 5,794 Views
well i got the mobius cam for christmas, need to read up on it. but will post some details here once i figure out how to use it

some infos gleaned from another blogger

How to Build a Mobius Actioncam Power Cable with Video Out (0 min 0 sec)

dc dc regulator on ebay

usb mini b plug kit
Posted by dogz85 | Jan 09, 2014 @ 01:35 AM | 5,963 Views
well the mini copters have gone nuts due to the popularity of the blackout frame and a few others.

i have been posting lots of info on this frame, I think its a great frame to learn from and fly for beginners. its also a great frame for the more experienced.

it sits in my car and i grab it whenever i feel like a fly

the total cost for the frame and electronics that i am using is about $150

the list
zmr kit
witespy flip 1.5 flight controller
lots of props
frsky d4r-2 reciever

and some pic and vid

ZMR mini + gopro just for fun (2 min 59 sec)

Posted by dogz85 | Jan 03, 2014 @ 05:59 AM | 6,337 Views
Well this is my first entry into the blog, i got sick of seeing nothing here.

this is my i copter, named befor h frames become known to me.

this is made from various parts from Rusty's shop, although many are no longer available. I am pretty sure its unique, i have not seen a design with a single 12mm carbon rod as the centre spar.

This copter is probably the best flying copter i have, not to mention the most crash resistant. the design has a 'breakpoint' the central boom with break at the join with the motor arm. when this happens i just reinsert the carbon rod and the copter becomes 2cm shorter. i get at least 4 breaks befor i need a new central spar and i still have a length e of carbon rod that is useful for other things (like the motor arms).

also the motor arms will twist in a crash. it just seems that after it has it the ground all it takes is a few twists and its back to 100% straight and stiff for flying.

as of this post,
current electronics are unflashed turnigy plush 12a (yes a copter that flies well unflashed!)
multiwii paris air flight controller + gps
KEDA 20-28 motors
frsky receiver (don't remember the model)

3 cell bat from 2200mah to 3000mah or 4cell 2200mah to 5000mah

I must give many thanks to this copter, it endured 16 months of me learning to fly like worthox. I still can't fly like him, but i can say after 16 months of over an hour of flight time per day with this copter i can do almost any trick in the book and if i see...Continue Reading