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Posted by jfetter | Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:35 PM | 13,823 Views
I had a little Habu 32 mishap, a minor crushed nose in shipping. I started with a little BVM QPoxy repair (5 minites) sanded down and wet sanded to 2,000 grit then some white paint and she's good as new! Might need to put a little black or red nose color back on for the tip, what do you think? Total repair time, 1 hour and 15 minutes... ;-)

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Posted by jfetter | Sep 17, 2012 @ 12:26 PM | 17,933 Views
This is one pretty plane! This is the new Sebart MythoS 125e, designed to fly on 6S (yes, 6S!). It's one smooth flying plane and almost full F3A sized but for a lot cheaper. Check out my build thread if you are interested in this kind of flying. I've always loved F3A planes, they fly so nice, so neutral, so flowing you just can't go wrong...

Posted by jfetter | Mar 25, 2010 @ 02:21 PM | 17,733 Views
This is my lastest jet (EDF), different for me as I'm not much into scale, or at least wasn't before. This jet is a stunner, for a 50 year-old bird the lines are sweet and the colors are just amazing. I built this one as a twin build along with a buddy who also got a Fury, just in different colors. Both of us spent about 50 hours building each one and they went together pretty straight forward. The BVM Fury is an ARF, it comes with all of the major structural work done, the work left for you can be tedious at times but is rewarding.

The one thing about scale is he sheer amount of detail, the BVM is no exception, it comes with some 50 stickers pre-applied indicating fuel probe, step, no step, access panel, etc and a weathered finish where panel lines and rivets would be. This is alll done at the factory and quite well at that, the attention to detail is quite surprising in fact. Factory BVM Air Blue gear with the 90 degree rotating front wheel were used, they are rock solid and very well made with turned alumium wheels and solid rubber tires. This one is now my new favorite!

Posted by jfetter | Dec 19, 2009 @ 04:29 PM | 18,815 Views
My latest plane is a BVM Bandit ARF, converted to electric. I've got a build thread on it but thought I'd add it here too. This plane is artwork, it belongs hanging in a museum, the lines are just perfect. The idea behind this was simply to take a larger plane than the Electra and make it electric since that's what I prefer to fly. The Bandit has a 70" wing span and comes in about 4 to 5 lbs heavier than the Electra. My preference is a larger pane for both stability and the fact it's easier to see at distance, certainly nothing against the Electra.

The conversion was really quite easy thanks to the inlets made by Ralf Dvorak. I saw his BVM Super Balsa Bandit project and he was nice enough to make me a set (for a price) for my build. Inlects and a mount for the EDF are pretty much all there is to making this puppy electric, I was able to get it done in two weeks of light evening building, the kit is just perfect as far as fit and finish, it goes together like a dream. I used an Electra EDF mount for the fan and pretty much that's it! Other than finding a place for the huge Jeti Spin 200 ESC, no other problems...

Posted by jfetter | Oct 16, 2009 @ 03:49 PM | 19,227 Views
I've entered the world of larger and faster EDF's now! I'm really surprised myself as for years and years I've been telling friends "nah, I'm happy with my prop planes". I've been mostly flying larger 12S setups and love the power but until recently haden't give too much consideration about going fast. One day I was in my LHS and all of a sudden I started thinking jet! Having a BVM rep and flying god at my LHS made it easy which one to go with too, BVM of course!

Now I've heard some say too expensive and this and that are just as good. Let me tell you, when you get your hands on an Electra (or a Bandit like I just added) and open that box, no way, nothing like a BVM! I looked at the Spark but I wanted a bigger EDF, the Electra is 60", that's 12" more than the Spark and it's built and finished nicer. Add to that an EDF unit (VioFan 5612) that's designed for the huge intakes and the Electra is just too well designed not to choose it.

I never realized there was brand loyalty in this hobby until I got into jets, seems everyone wants to tell you what to do with your money. Buy BVM and you hear how you're throwing money away and wow you must be dumb but I suspect when you can't afford something, that's how you justify it. I'm not saying you have to choose BVM either but there's really no denying the consistent quality and sheer performance of their stuff.

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Posted by jfetter | May 09, 2009 @ 12:17 AM | 21,158 Views
Battery technology is getting frightening and I mean this from a pure power perspective. Until recently I was quite pleased with my trusty FlightPower packs, many of which I've had for some 4 years, they've been good to me for the most part and I figured why change it if it isn't broken. What hapened next was a surprise to me and it all started with my friend who is a BVM rep who got hold of some new Thunder Power packs (Pro Power 40C) for testing.

Now I've shot video many times but these new packs really added so much more punch to the BVM Electra (a common video subject for me) to the point it was hard to follow and keep on camera at full power. The packs are 260 Amps continuous, 520 Amps burst, just saying that sounds insane! Turns out though while I've been seeing minimal increases in power from my FlightPower EVO's (I've gone from Lites and 20's through the new 30's), Thunder Power was out leapfrogging everyone with 40C packs that actually ARE 40C!

Now I've got a unique problem as well, it's not more power I need (though I won't mind more) but rather temperature control in a low airflow (cooling air flow) plane. My KMP Pilatus PC-21 has very limited air flow over the packs and the FlightPower EVO 30's are getting up to 125 degrees after only 6 minutes of mild-to-slightly-strong flying. It's bad enough I am fearful that heavy flying or running too long will ruin them and more airflow is difficult without ruining the sweet lines of the plane.

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Posted by jfetter | Apr 16, 2009 @ 06:12 PM | 21,261 Views
Oh yeah, here it is, the Pilatus PC-21 is done and man what a sweet plane it is! In the end it was harder to build than I had wanted, more time than a decent ARF should take (about 35 to 40 hours) but again, what a sweet plane!

Pilatus PC-21, Windows Media, High Definition, 165 MB

Posted by jfetter | Feb 09, 2009 @ 01:15 AM | 22,767 Views
I'm working on a new plane, it's a Kondor Model Products Pilatus PC-21. This was a "love at first sight" type of thing, I saw it and simply had to have it. I've got a build thread here on RCG, expect to take about 2 weeks to have it done. Of course it's electric, is there anything else?!

Posted by jfetter | Jan 10, 2009 @ 05:14 PM | 19,540 Views
Here are some of my smaller planes, I don't get much chance to fly them, mainly because I'm always flying the larger ones. The Vrolet 2 Freestyle is an indoor plane, I was hoping to find an indoor place in the winter when it's windy in South Florida but so far no luck. The BD-5B, all I can say is it is kinda' squirly in the air, everyone I know that purchased on is thankful to have it still in-tact. The Mini Sukhoi was purchased built, it's the only "used" plane I have and it flys OK, a little snap-prone, perhaps some work on the CG is necessary...

Posted by jfetter | Dec 12, 2008 @ 05:56 PM | 22,436 Views
I was thinking about some smaller sized planes to fly for days when I can't take the time time to drag everything out to the field or in cases like this weekend, where the field is closed because of a huge event. I saw the Great Planes Reactor Bipe 30e in an advertisement and bam, I thought "that's the one!". What a great looking little plane, design, colors, size, very nice looking.

I ended up ordering one along with a Hacker A30 16M and Jeti Spin 33 for the power system. I have to say this may be the best built, nicest fitting assembly, cleanest lines and tight finish I've ever seen on an ARF! The attention to detail with magnets pre-installed for the battery hatch and cowl (neat idea!) along with the very slick wheel pant mounting system made this plane a dream to assemble.

The manual (which BTW is full-featured, detailed and accurate) was easy to follow and even though assmebly time was supposed to be 6 hours, took a bit longer, something like 8 to 8.5 hours. I can't think if a single thing they could have done better with this ARF and that says a lot. This is an absolute winner, I highly suggest this ARF to anyone looking for a small-to-mid-sized electric, the quality can't be beat...

Posted by jfetter | Nov 30, 2008 @ 09:18 PM | 19,959 Views
I've added a new plane to my fleet, a CAModels Genesis 3D. I've got a build thread going if interested, not many of these around. This one was a tough one, this is actually a picture of the "second" plane, the first one not lasting longer than the maiden flight (technically there was a short 2 minute maiden to check CG and surfaces but close enough).

Here's some footage of the flight, the crash isn't in it anymore, I took it out because I got tired of seeing it. In the end this kind of thing happens, every plane no matter how nice will end up in the trash can one day, that's just the way it is. The second one is getting careful attention for a while, I'm going to make sure I at least get some quality time on this one...

Genesis 3D (High), Windows Media, Standard Definition, 34MB
Genesis 3D (HD 1080i), Windows Media, High Definition, 302MB

Posted by jfetter | Nov 21, 2008 @ 10:24 AM | 20,209 Views
I've been playing with the super slow motion feature of my new HD camcorder. The idea is it shoots 120 frames per second for 4 seconds and then plays it back at normal speed (30 FPS) and gives stunning slow motion. Because there are the same 30 FPS you are used to seeing, there is no blur during playback.

I chose to shoot my friend flying his jet again, it's a great test to see just how sharp the video is. Look for the inverted run down the runway at 5' altitude, the shot is absolutely amazing! I only wish the camera could do more then 4 seconds as it's a little too short...

120 FPS Super Slow Motion Video 2 (High), Windows Media, Standard Definition, 9MB
120 FPS Super Slow Motion Video 2 (HD 720p), Windows Media, High Definition, 52MB
120 FPS Super Slow Motion Video 2 (HD 720p), QuickTime Media, High Definition, 17MB

Posted by jfetter | Oct 27, 2008 @ 02:07 PM | 20,398 Views
For my first Blog entry I decided to talk about my experience with my new HD camcorder. My old camcorder wasn't bad but I had the thing for 10 years and even though it was the first mega-pixel mini DV camcorder on the market (Sony PCV-100), it was dated. Besides, with the new HD recorders coming down so much in price, now is as good a time to buy one as any.

I decided on the Sony HDR-SR12, mainly because of the features. It supports 1080i and records to a pretty large hard drive (120GB) capable of supporting hundreds of hours of video. It also takes still shots @ 10.2 mega pixels, even while recording video, not a bad feature. The one extra feature it offers that I thought might be cool for shooting planes in flight is the 4 seconds it can record @ 120 FPS, which played back at normal speed would look like super slow motion with a full 30 FPS.

As for editing, I've been using Pinnacle Studio for close to 7 years, I upgraded to Studio 12 recently for better Vista support bt otherwise it's always been solid. Editing HD footage is a little easier than mini DV because there is no import function, you just drag the AVCHD file form the camera's hard drive to your local drive and start editing, the format is understood natively by Studio. This saves considerable time as copying the file is a few minutes while importing it could take over an hour.

My first project came out OK, it was footagle of a friend flying his Ultra Bandit but the overcast conditions combined with the late filming (it was close to 6:00 PM) made even the HD footage a little grainy. Still impressve though so I took some of the best runs and edited them into a "teaser" video. I came up with the idea of using my kid to do a few voice overs and put the entire thing together in Studio in about 2 hours, enjoy!

Got Jet? (High), Windows Media, Standard Definition, 7MB
Got Jet? (HD 720), Windows Media, High Definition, 40MB