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Decided to begin the New Year with a resolution to help our Eachine Wizard X220 (FrankenWiz) shed some weight! We replace the old, heavy parts with new, upgraded, lighter weight parts and "squash the frame." We start with the frame base plate and work through each step of the build in using speed-enhanced video without sacrificing important build steps. There is a "clickable" hyperlinked Table of Contents in the video description so you can "jump" to any section of the video you're interested in just by clicking on the "Time Stamp" next to the topic. Hope you will find this short 5 Inch Build Tutorial helpful in the construction of your very own FPV Racer! 👍

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🐢 [4:3] FVP Flow Progression 🐢 Getting some Fresh Air

Note to self - Don't be lazy and try to re-arm after a big crash! Wanted to thrash 3" Props at altitude in 4:3 for the first time and what a rush !!! Lost a prop nut and prop in the process after thinking I had a lucky escape. Got my wings clipped :-) Anyway the Caddx Turtle V2 survived as well as the quad so all is good. Still loving flying in 4:3 rather than 16:9!

Caddx Turtle v2 🐢 [4:3] FVP Flow Progression 🐢 Getting some Fresh Air (3 min 41 sec)

Equipment Used:

Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame with Caddx Turtle v2

XJB 145 build and motors

Caddx Turtle v2

VRD2 Pro Goggle rather than the TopSKy Prime 1S

Jumper T8SG

Gemfan 3052

I still think this footage is better than the output of the Runcam Split Mini 2 . It's not quite as good as as a Go Pro

Best firmware versions dated 7th September 2018

Caddx Turtle Settings: 1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
1 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Ensure you lower the sharpness to 0 or 1 unless using another lens

Caddx Turtle V2 is NOT ALWAYS SHIPPED WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE 😱😱 The latest firmware is AMAZING 😱😱
(Note: How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle with black screen)

How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle from a firmware update

September Firmware - works with v2 and soon to be tested with v1 board

How to update Caddx Turtle firmware (step-by-step):

Caddx Turtle V2 latest Firmware Video Footage
Runcam KILLER 🐢 UPDATED Caddx Turtle v2 Latest Firmware AMAZING 🐢 RunCam Split Mini 2 FPV is DEAD (3 min 37 sec)

Wing Clipping Video Footage
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Anyone know we’re I can buy umx habu df spares from I’m in uk and will need them posted or has anyone selling a umx habu
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A major part of one of Germany's most famous ruins, "Building No. 10", has been torn down. The Continental factory in Hannover-Limmer was founded in 1899. Its buildings had covered the whole peninsula until they started to tear them down after the production had been moved to other sites in 1999. The remnants are classified and protected as historical monuments by law but unlike the restored tower the big representative building at the channel side is in an extremely bad condition and its future uncertain.

The excavator driver is a very nice guy and didn't mind our little quads buzzing around his 50 tons demolition monster.

Conti No. 10 Down, DJI Mavic Pro (9 min 12 sec)

Conti No. 10 Epilogue, XJB-145, Firefly Micro (4 min 4 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I was given a bunch of different types of planes and helicopters with no remotes for one and two I don't know anything about them at all can someone help me with that I'd like to just sale all of it to someone that knows what it is and will use it I've even got this bottle of nitro fuel I believe so if someone could be so kind in helping me out that would be great
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After being inspired by Chris Wolfe's beautiful KFIR C7 conversion I had to build one! This conversation utilizes some scratch built part as well as 3D printed parts that are available on Reading
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The various FrSky modules are...

V8FT, V8JT, V8HT (discontinued) supported V8
DJT/DHT/DFT supports V8 and D8
XJT (internal in FrSky Taranis TXs and external module) supports D8, D16 (EU or NON EU) and LR12
iXJT (alternative name for internal XJT (?) mostly applied to the Q-X7 which has a different layout or the X-Lite which claims a high speed interface )
iXJT+ (updated internal XJT design as used in Frksy Horus TXs)

R9M, R9M lite supports R9 (900MHz)


J=JR form factor, F=Futaba form factor, H=DIY, "lite"=FrSky X-lite form factor
V8 RXs have been discontinued.
VII RXs support V8 and D8 (so called "telemetry mode"). In D8 mode they can be used with the XJT but they do not return telemetry.
D8 RXs support telemetry.
D16 is supported by the X-Series (telemetry), XM-Series (no telemetry) and S-Series (stabilizer) RXs
Some X-Series RXs support D8 so can be used by the (DJT/DHT/DFT) modules
XJT firmware is common across all the Taranis models and the external XJT module. The Horus' iXJT+ can only be updated by updating FrSky's FrOS firmware.

FrSky is slowly phasing out VII and D8 RXs and only still make a few models. There are now D8 compatibles of various quality. The Eachine BAT QX105 uses a D8 compatible RX not made or licensed by FrSky.
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Glue & Fly Series - F-22 Mini V3(A) Development Status #4 - Nacelle MOD Testing

Here is a link to the Video:

The Parkjet has a New Nacelle configuration to mitigate any possible airflow restriction due to the narrow design of the Original Nacelle.
This Test Flight is to validate or Invalidate the Modification to the Nacelle Design.
I don't want to forget to mention my Co-Pilot in Crime, e3Scott. He is also conducting Test Flights to Validate or Invalidate this MOD.
His Flight Testing of this Parkjet and the feedback he has provided not only on the Parkjet but also on the Build Plans has been invaluable.
With his help this Parkjet will be ready for release in half the time of me doing it alone.
Links to his Youtube Channel and Parkjet Blog are listed below and I urge you to go check them out ;-)

e3Scott's Youtube Channel:

Scott's Parkjet Blog:

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Halloa guys,

sooo.. 6S has been here for a while now, but most RTF quads have still been in the 4S arena.. Especially when it comes to budget oriŽnted quads..
But that's about to change.. The previous version of the Eachine Wizard was / is VERY popular.. the new one is now a 6S capable quad

Link to it: Eachine Wizard X220HV PNF Freestyle quad

And.. to start things off.. My first flights with it

Eachine Wizard X220HV - Budget Freestyle 6S FPV Quad - Maiden Flights! (8 min 31 sec)

wheelbase: 220mm
material: carbon fiber + allu standoffs
base thickness: 3mm
fligth controller: STM32F405
ESC's: 45A all-in-one Dshot600
motors: 2306 1650 Kv
camera: Foxeer Arrow mini 650tvl CCD
VTX: 0-600 mW 40 channel
props: Dal Cyclone V2 T5046C
OSD: yes
smart audio: yes
buzzer: yes (lost model alarm)
LED's: nope
spare props: yes 1 set
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Whoop racing fun. Another great fun evening with great guys and skilled rc fpv pilots. Some brushless whoop crafts featured are Emax Tinyhawk, Eachine uk65 & uruav ur65 .

Whooping Racing Fun (4 min 47 sec)

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BEST RC ROCK CRAWLER UNDER 100 $ - WLTOYS XK 12429 4WD 1/12 scale (8 min 48 sec)

WLTOYS XK 12429 STORM is actually the BEST RC ROCK CRAWLER UNDER 100 $, is an incredible RC ROCK CRAWLER with big 4wd tyres and incredible suspensions that make this 1/12 scale rc rock crawler car one of the best rc climbing car of 2019.

At the price of 77Ä, is one of the cheapest 4wd rc crawler and is actually in flashsale here:

Brand: WLtoys XK
Model: 12429
Scale: 1:12
Color: White
Material: PA Plastic
Frequency: 2.4G
Remote Distance: about 100 meters
Charging Time: 2 hours
Working Time: 15 minutes
Speed: 40km/h
Driver System: Four-wheel Drive
Motor: 540 brush motor
Car Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh li-ion battery
Remote Control Battery: 4 * AA battery(not included)
Wheel Diameter: 110mm
Battery Weight: 102g
Battery Size: 62 * 37 * 18mm
Product Size: 38.5 * 26 * 20.5cm
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Found this in the parking lot at the flying field this morning. I'm pretty sure it's someone's prosthetic eye.

If you know of anyone that visits the Apollo XI flying field pleas let me know or let them know what I found. I might be a spare that was in a vehicle and the person might not even know it's missing.

Location is the Apollo XI rc flying field just south of the Van Nuys airport. Images of the eye and the approximate area where I found it. It was in the first row of the parking lot, a couple car spaces south of the bleachers.

Accidentally kicked it some how while walking around my vehicle. Went over and picked up the white thing my shoe had touched and determined it to be a prosthetic eye on closer inspection. It blends in really well with the large gravel pavement of the parking lot if the colored side is facing up so I'm guessing it fell out of someone's car or was just too difficult for them to locate once it landed on the ground.

If it's yours, let me know so I can get it back to you. I also left two notes about it on the bulletin boards at the flying field with my info.
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Long story short, we aint moving. Don't ask. So, I decided to go ahead with the Cal Fire and tore it down (mechanics) to get to the root of the ticking coming from the tail drive. I also wanted to do something about the tail boom not being clamped firm enough to hold a belt adjustment. I discovered that I had a spare TB mount, complete with the driven gear and pully. This shaft is held firm with two bearings allowing the shaft to torque and misalign the gears should the belt be over tightened. Removed the TB and mount, the spare fit the boom perfect, would hold belt adjustment and it also seems to be a stiffer material holding the bearings better. Swapped parts and did a bench test, no more tick, boom firmly clamped. Next I did a spool up in the kitchen, w/o any blades, and everything is a go. It's winter and it's been either/or/and wind/rain so no maiden yet. Installed the graphics to the fuse, really pleased with them.
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So what happens to Blue Origin now that Jeff & Mac have split?

Technically, if the stock market continued rising, Jeff Bezos could have funded Blue Origin with $1 billion every year for the next 136 years. After the divorce, it's optimistically only 68 years. In reality, Seattle's community property law is imaginary. Most divorces end up with an equitable distribution like everyone else.

Based on non monetary contributions to the "community property" like raising kids, managing Jeff's finances, creating an anti bullying organization, Mac will take most of Blue Origin's funding. That could reduce Jeff's nest egg to just $30 billion.

The reality is either the stock market won't keep going up or $1 billion per year won't be enough to fund Blue Origin. It certainly isn't enough to buy 1000 houses anymore like it was 10 years ago. That $1 billion/year pledge was always a tenuous issue.

He certainly didn't plan on spending everything on Blue Origin. Every time he exercised his options, the stock price went down. Then, he's not free to buy anything he wants. If he doesn't invest most of his options in charities, he's gone & he's so far not keen on quitting his job for the cause of space.

The biggest impact will be Mac now owning a majority stake in Blue Origin. She could decide this space stuff is stupid & shut it down or at least slow it way down as Richard Branson did to Virgin Galactic.
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I'm slowly working on a Scout Bee from WindRider. This was a previously started set of cores I got in trade.
The kit comes with pre-installed carbon tube spars approx 1.5" back along the leading edge.
The center joiner spar was also installed as well as an arched ribbon spar top and bottom.
There was a spruce Trailing Edge that I've cut off and will replace with .22x.092" flat carbon.
I didn't like the position of the stock servo bays so I'm moving the servos outboard from their stock position with the pushrods 12.5" from CL.
The full sized servos fit with at least 1/8" clearance on top and bottom.
This is built with DS in mind but not for all out speed.

Tower Hobbies TS-64 servos.
5 Cell Eneloop AA flat pack
Lemon Gyro Rec (LM005)
4-40 HD Gold-n-Rod and clevis
2-3 layers of strapping tape
Fiberglass bagged elevons.
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When I discovered the 3DR Solo main board as a building block for DIY, because it has a Pixhawk 2 and a companion computer with HD video and telemetry for a very cheap price, I built the FrankenSolo. I used a recycled set of plates from a Daya 680 because it was wide enough for the Solo mainbrd. But it is not necessary to use a Solo mainbrd, all of this could be done with a normal Pixhawk.

But as with most DIY builds I had to do a lot of bubble gum fitting and compromising to get it all to work. The quad flew better than any of my previous builds and I was sold on the concept. I used OllW's UC4H components to bring UAVCAN to the build. My reason to use Ollw's UAVCAN was to have a build with cleaner simpler wiring and real time monitoring.

Since that build OllW has continued to refine and make UC4H an even more compelling platform for DIY builders. The FrankenSolo used 15" props and hovered for nearly 40 minutes which was much longer than the original 3DR Solo. I was tired of builds using pre-made frames that just don't fit the components we need to use. The hole patterns never seem to be designed for any of the standard sized parts that are available. I also wanted to use 17" props to see if I could extend the flight time. I sketched an extended version of the Daya Mainplate that would support 17" props and have all the proper hole for the components I wanted to use so I would not have to cut and...Continue Reading
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My wife gave me a 1/6 scale Sopwith Pup for Christmas this year. Upon opening the box I found the note pictured here. Well played, Balsa USA.

The engine and fuel tank are mounted for the Taube. Now I'll start the radio installation, working from the throttle backward. The shape of the Taube's fuselage makes it difficult to get straight. I can see that I'll need to take special care lining up the horizontal and vertical stabilizers during the final assembly.
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This is the latest version of Skywalker X8 Flying Wing!!! Compared to black x8, the new starry black limited version has been mainly upgraded on the material, with greater density, higher strength,smoother surface, lighter color and lower heat absorption.

Product link:
Buy from ebay:


Wing span: 2122mm
Wing area: 80dm2
Valid payload: 1000-2000g
Center of Gravity: 430-440mm away from the nose.

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