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Posted by indoor_fr | Aug 19, 2011 @ 05:55 AM | 4,945 Views

The stock wing has been replaced by a 65cm WS wing made of 2 FOX glider wings.

I also made a V tail with the FOX's elevator.

RX: AR 6300
ESC: 2g from MPS.
2 x 2.5g servos
Stock motor and prop
Battery: 200-250 mA.h

AUW: 70g


I've ordered the Jet Team FF glider from PLAYMOBIL and transformed it to a cool twin Boom pusher jet. Canopy is made with a piece of a bottle of water.
Ailerons and elevator.

RX: AR 6300
ESC: 4g from the Cushat
6g brushless motor
2 x 2.5g servos
5030 prop
Battery: 2S 240 mA.h

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Posted by indoor_fr | Aug 19, 2011 @ 05:35 AM | 5,117 Views
I bought the spare parts of the mini super cub and installed my own material:
19g brushless motor
2 x 5g servos for rudder and elevator
2 x 3.7g servo for ailerons
6 x 4" prop
500-600 mA.h battery

I replaced the stock wing with an EPP wing made by a friend of mine.
Airfoil is CLARK Y.

AUW: Around 230-240g.
Posted by indoor_fr | Aug 18, 2011 @ 05:49 PM | 4,703 Views
This plane was made from an EPP kit of the P51, no more available.
I have changed the original small rudder to a larger one, and carved the foam in order to install a clear canopy.
The plane was covered with japanese tissue plus water slide decals for the decoration.

Material: 7A ESC
AR 6100
6g Double servo for rudder and elevator
2x 3.9g servo for the ailerons
AXI 2203/46 motor
7x4 Graupner Prop
2S 500-600 mA.h Battery

AUW: Around 200g