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Posted by Martyxr6 | Sep 06, 2020 @ 02:46 AM | 4,044 Views
Hi, I'm new to MYRCGroups and looking for some assistance. I have just received my new Radiomaster TX16s OpenTX which I have subsequently setup including an initial fixed wing model with a simple 4 ch setup plus throttle cut and 30% expo on ailerons and elevator per the radio's internal setup menus and succesfully bench tested the same after binding the receiver. However, in the process of then attempting to setup the telemetry display screen appropiate to that model I have found that though I can highlight the model in the visual model select screen which also is ticked in the appropriate box it will not open up/activate/show that model on the main display as it did when I first bench tested the radio and entered model. Previous to this all I had to do was select the model and tap the enter roole bar. No such success this time no mater how many times I do that. I'm omewhat challenged when it comes to this modern electronic RC stuff, so anyone out there who perhaps can help me with this dilemma?