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Basic Parameter
Customer can transfer data via UART, I2C and SPI interface, FSC-BW236 supports Bluetooth GATT profiles and Wi-Fi TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, and MQTT protocols, the Wi-Fi maximum data rate can up to 150Mbps in 802.11n, 54Mbps in 802.11g and 802.11a, it supports install an external antenna to increase wireless coverage

FSC-BW236 Bluetooth & Wi-Fi combo module's parameters:

Module Model
802.11 a/b/g/n

Transmit Power
2.4GHz: 17.5dBm(11b), 15.5dBm(11g), 13.5dBm(11n)
5GHz: 8dBm(11a)
BLE 5.0
Transmit Power
Other Parameters
Power Supply
13mm x 26.9mm x 2.2mm
Operation Temperature
-20℃ to +85℃
Storage Temperature
-55℃ to +125℃
MSL Grade
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Basic Parameter
FSC-BP108 is an innovative IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Beacon with Bluetooth 5.1 specifications, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (e.g. URL, UID, TLM), AltBeacon for broadcasting and provides the ability to advertise up to 10 slots of advertising frames.

Item Description
Chipset DA14531
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.1
TX power -19.5 dBm to +2.5 dBm
Antenna Ceramic antenna
Power Supply CR3032
Battery Life 6 Years (ADV Interval = 1300 ms; TX Power = 0 dBm)
Material ABS plastic
Color White or customized
Size 48(L)mm x 37(W)mm x 7.8(H) mm
Net weight 15 g
Protection IP67
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C


*IP67 Waterproof

*Bluetooth Beacon with design patent

*Bluetooth 5.1 Compliant

*Pre-programmed with Feasycom Standard Beacon Firmware

*Up to 10 slots of Advertising Frames

*Portable Smart Beacon with 6 Years Battery Life (At most)

*Configurable by Free FeasyBeacon Mobile App and SDK

*Customizable Color, Logo, Hardware, Software


*Asset Tracking

*Pet Locating


*Proximity Marketing

Feasycom Provides:

*Free Beacon Configuring APP in Goole Play & APP Store(FeasyBeacon)
*Firmware, APP, Cloud SDK is avialable
*Pre-configure UUID, Major, Minor and etc before the shipment.
*Software, Hardware, Mold, Package can be customized
*Global Service and Technical Support
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Basic Parameter
RTL8720DN Chip BLE 5 & Wi-Fi Combo Module Evaluation Board

FSC-DB105-BW236 is a RTL8720DN Chip BLE 5 & Wi-Fi Combo Module Evaluation Board designed for FSC-BW236 | RTL8720DN Chip BLE 5 & Wi-Fi Combo Module.
With this evaluation board, customers can run tests for their projects easily and efficiently.

Working with BW236's user guidebook, customers can use test all the functionalities that bulit in the default firmware by using AT commands.

Now, talk to a Feasycom expert for more information!
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Basic Parameter

CSR 4.0 100m wireless USB Bluetooth Dongle Bluetooth Adapter compatible with Windows 10 8.1 8 7 XP vista

Product details

- This USB Bluetooth adapter adopt BT 4.0version, max transmission rate up to 3Mbps, give you high quality music and data transmission experience with no packet loss or data delay.

- Transmission range can reach to 100m in open space. Make your non-Bluetooth devices connectible and narrow the connected distance and enable you move freely.

- High Compatibility for windows 10/8/7, XP, Vista 32bit/64bit, with unique free CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack drive, makes your device functional to connect with Bluetooth speakers, headphones, headsets, keyboards, mouse etc.

- Multiple devices connect supported at once. Enable you to work with multiple devices, save your time greatly and reduce steps for using it separately.

- Energy efficient, 12 month Worry Free Warranty, step-by-step instruction and 24-hour technical support. Please feel free to contact us via our site www.feasycom.com.

Product preview

* Plug and Play

* Support Hardware and Firmware Design

* Up to 3 Mbps data transfer rate with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support;

* CSR8510A chipset up to 100m long operation range USB dongle;

* Compatible with 32/64 bit windows 10/8/7/vista / 2000 /XP
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Basic Parameter
FSC-BT836B supports SPP, GATT(central/peripheral), HID profiles, it can transfer data in a high speed mode(SPP: 82KB/s, GATT: 75KB/s). FSC-BT836B also supports multiple connections(Supports connect with 1 iOS+7 Android smartphones simultaneously).

Bluetooth module model
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode(BR/EDR+BLE)
13mm x 26.9mm x 2.0mm
Transmit power
+10dBm maximum
Power supply
3.3 V
2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Built-in PCB Antenna(Default), supports external antenna(Optional)
High speed, Bluetooth 5.0, Multiple connections, OTA function, High compatibility, Supports iap2 protocol

* Fully qualified Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode.
* Postage stamp sized: 13*26.9 *2mm.
* Class 1.5 support(high output power).
* Profiles support: SPP, HID, GATT, ATT, GAP.
* The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps and can support from 1200bps up to 921.6Kbps.
* UART, I2C ,USB hardware interfaces.
* Supports the OTA upgrade.
* Supports Apple MFi(iAP2), iBeacon.

* BQB, FCC, CE, KC,TELEC Certified.


*Smart Watch and Bluetooth Bracelet
*Health & Medical devices
*Wireless POS
*Measurement and Monitoring Systems
*Industrial Sensors and Control
*Asset Tracking
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Feasycom focuses on the research and development of IoT (internet of things) products, including Bluetooth Modules, WiFi Modules, Beacons, Gateways and Bluetooth Adapters. With more than 15-year experience in the wireless connectivity, Feasycom has massive capabilities in providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle for thousands of diverse customers worldwide.

Feasycom’s engineering and design services include:


● APP Support

● PCB Design

● Development Board

● Firmware Development

● Depth Customization

● Certification Request

● Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing

Our products and services are mainly appled to Shopping Mall, Exhibition Hall, Automotive, Point of Sale, Home Automation, Healthcare and Vending Business, Location, Lighting and more.

Aiming at “Make Communication Easy and Freely”, Feasycom is dedicated to design and develop high-quality products, efficient services to customers,for today, and all days to come.