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Posted by BEAMRC | Sep 03, 2020 @ 08:16 PM | 4,879 Views
Hi Guys,
I would like to share with you our Upcoming BEAM RC Helicopter Model " The ARCHON SE..........
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 30, 2019 @ 09:28 PM | 17,599 Views
The BEAM AQUILA HELICOPTER is an exciting addition to the Next Generation Flybarless series Helicopter. It is the New Model of BEAMRC Brand of this year 2019.

- Kit Feature -

553mm Main Blade is suitable for 550 Class Flybarless Kit.

Very light!! Battery(6S 5000mAh ) included flight weight 3Kg.(Battery excluded, Kit/canopy 2.25Kg)

When the kit is lighter, the burden on the battery is reduced and the desired start is possible with low RPM.

Very light !! but not weak!! With a compact Kit design, lightweight and Kit stiffness at once.

Convenience!! Inside the frame, a power connector that was hanging dirty on the hanging kit...

You can attach the connector without removing the canopy.

Beam Made!! Metalwork own production.

All aluminum parts are made after precision CNC machining using 100% domestic high-grade aluminum (AL 6061) material.

● Flybarless System Head.

● 0, 12, -12 pitch guidelines.

● Turnbuckle pitch control Load.

● Precision CNC machining, Swash Assembly.

● Precision Injection herringbone main gear.

● Precision Injection belt Pully.

● Power Connector XT 150 Mount applied.

● Carbon Landing gear.

● Precision CNC machining, luxurious after-treatment frame metal parts.

● Newly designed FRP Canopy(Green & Blue Canopy).

● SwitchBlade, high-quality Main Blade(553mm) / Tail Blade(86mm) basic configuration.

● Precision CNC...Continue Reading
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 22, 2019 @ 07:36 PM | 3,770 Views
Key Features

● Ultra Durable Design and Construction

● High-Quality FRP Main Blades

● Carbon Fiber & CNC Metal Frame Construction

● Full Body EPP Foam Fuselage

● Quiet Direct Drive Power System

● Long Flight Times

● Easily Accessible Electronics

● The long list of upgrades & option parts


Here we come! The brand new Beam 500 E5 ARCHON.
This 500 size electric helicopter is one of a kind! With a newly designed frame, new head, none breakable main grips, tail housing addition, metal tail control system and metal tail servo mount (using NEW B611MG std servo for ultra power) and much more
This helicopter rocks.<script async src="//"></script>
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No reverse engineering, just forward thinking
At Beam, doing things better is not just a concept, it's a reality.

* Fully Carbon and CNC metal block frames
* New servo mount
* New battery rail system & battery tray
* High-quality carbon main blades
* Serviceable swashplate
* Almost unbreakable special nylon compounded landing skids
* New tail case design
* New type belt system

What's in the Box:
Beam E480 (assembled Main rotor, Tail rotor)
Fiberglass Painted Canopy (red/black)
Fiberglass Main Rotor Blades 360mm
Pinion gear 13T & 14T
312MG-T swash servo set
Scorpion HK-2520-1880KV, MOTER
ESC: Electronic Speed Controller

The one of the Premium Electric RC Helis in the world of 480.
Beam stands for Beautifully Engineered Action Machine and having following features which stand out from other similar size products.
BEAM 480 (Beautifully Engineered Action Machine)
• Premium quality and Impressive design.
• No need upgrading. All come with carbon fiber bodies and metal components.
• Remarkably reduced numbers of parts for easy assembly and repair....Continue Reading
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 16, 2019 @ 01:26 AM | 3,294 Views
New BEAM Helicopter which will be going to release very soon.....
This is the picture of the 550 Class BEAM Helicopter,
The AQUILA Helicopter. (Tail Part only)
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 14, 2019 @ 07:34 PM | 3,150 Views
Key Features

● CNC full metal precision rotor head w/8mm spindle.
● 11 tooth 6mm shaft size pinion, mod 0.8 (straight cut).
● 100 tooth main gear, mod 0.8 (straight cut).
● 4.0: 1 Tail Gear Ratio
● Designed for power system up to 6S or 12S Li-Po
● Carbon fiber frames for ultra-rigid and compact design
● Easily serviceable engine maintenance
● Triple bearing supported 10mm hardened main shaft
● 120-degree dual race ball bearing metal swashplate
● High-quality DuPont plastic injection mold w/strengthening fibers
● Stainless steel damper mounted bearing torque tube for high efficiency
● Top to bottom supported tail pitch plate for improved accuracy
● Dual race ball bearing with thrust bearing supported tail blade grips
● Front mounted rudder servo with push/pull bell crank
● Carbon tail boom supports
● Sleek Pre-painted fiberglass canopy
● The new lightweight landing gear

So many admirable qualities “implanted” in this machine:

Unique control system allowing free adjustment of this 3D champion.

Electric powered helicopter for 6S-12S LIPO.

Innovative design allows reducing weight, which leads to ultimate power output.

Take your advantage with your Avantgarde!
Prepared by: Suzanne Moon
BEAM Staff
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 10, 2019 @ 02:14 AM | 2,715 Views
Transmitter Switch Cap(Type-S)

- Made Beam -

An Optional transmitter switch cap or end short type products.
It was anodized with red color.
The short type (short product) which is attached to the right switch as you have seen in the picture.
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 08, 2019 @ 11:24 PM | 3,057 Views
Metal ESC Guard
- Made Beam -

Metal ESC guard for the racing drone.
This is a transmission protection guard to prevent ESC from getting damaged during the transmission of the propeller.

60 series of aluminum processed products, and anodized (Black, red, and silver) finish.
It is recommended that you fix it to the airframe with double-sided tape and hold it once again with a cable tie. It is one product. You need to purchase four products for one unit.
Posted by BEAMRC | Jan 06, 2019 @ 07:41 PM | 2,772 Views
Key Features

• Aerospace quality components
• CNC Metal Rotor Head
• Carbon Fiber & CNC Metal Frame Construction
• Quiet Direct Drive Power System
• Long Flight Times
• One-Piece Metal Tail Case for additional strength
• Fully Ball Autorotation Unit
• High Quality FRP Main Blades(325mm)
• Easily Accessible Electronics
Kit comes with:

* Canopy (black/red)

* 325mm Main blade

* 312MG VHR servo (3pcs)

* Logitec 2100 gyro

* 417MG DSW servo (1pc)

* HK-2221-8 Scorpion Motor

* Flyfun 40A ESC

Prepared by: Suzanne Moon
BEAM Staff