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Posted by Peterf1961 | Aug 09, 2020 @ 05:53 PM | 5,658 Views
Hello there, Iíve recently bought a new Horus X10S Express FROS ( Non-EU version)
and are having problems getting the telemetry set-up to work.
There doesnít seem to any videoís anywhere on the www that can walk you through
exactly whatís required. ( unlike OpenTx )
I REALLY want to use FROS for my models.( gliders mainly)
To start with, I use the G-RX8 receivers ( apparently no compatibility issues with FROS
telemetry all good ) and are using ACCST protocol and set to D16.
Reading some information on RCgroups forums, the arrangement below works ,
Iíve tryed this but still not working.

Logic Switches
LS1 OP >, Telemetry, SRC 1 Spd-v, CONST, SRC2 some number. +00.5
LS2 OP <, Telemetry, SRC 1 Spd-v, CONST, SRC2 some number -00.5.

Special Function.
LSW1 PlayVario.
LSW2 PlayVario.

Also Iíve had NO luck in setting up to work RSSI and RXbattery ( voltage sensor plugged into Rx) If you can help me with what I might be missing in getting these important things working that would great and would REALLY appreciate the help.
I might able to Post a video as there MUST be many others that are also having similar problems.?
Any advice/suggestions/information would be great help.