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Posted by drjay | Aug 31, 2020 @ 11:29 AM | 4,242 Views
see here for my brief review and notes in the Freewing Avanti thread:

Posted by drjay | Jan 09, 2016 @ 08:03 PM | 7,229 Views
For my B-17 model, I wanted to have a startup sequence so that the motors start in a more scale fashion, one at a time, rather than all at once.

Full thread:

Startup Sequence with Jeti (1 min 10 sec)

Posted by drjay | Jan 06, 2016 @ 12:31 PM | 7,175 Views
Jeti is a great system. However, moving over from Spektrum or another system can be a bit confusing, given the complexity of the Jeti system. I found the Jeti transmitter manual to be of limited value, but much better actually than the Spektrum DX18 manual, for example, was in the past when using that system.

Here is a copy of my basic setup notes for a new model in Jeti for fixed wing models. I refer to these each time I set up a new model. These are my own personal preferences only - there are almost limitless ways to go about the setup using the Jeti system. Hopefully these notes will help decrease the learning curve.

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Both Jeti and Spektrum systems have different outputs for stick travel. These are addressed in the first table.

The exponential is also different for both systems. For Jeti, the exponential must be set to a higher value to equal the same amount of change in the servo outputs compared to Spektrum. This is displayed in the second set of tables.

Both were determined by measuring the servo deflections in degrees for the amount of stick travel for each system.

Full thread is:

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Spektrum does have some nice ultra-micro helis and aircraft. The receivers are included in the model, great for those who have Spektrum transmitters, not so great for those who donít.

This simple solution worked for me. Itís been described numerous times otherwise on the web as well Ė I have just simplified what works for me.

Items Used:
1. Hobby King DSM2/DSMX Transmitter emulator - https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...dProduct=51704
2. Plastic box Ė purchased mine from Container Store
3. Servo on/off switch
4. Transmitter 2S lipo battery pack
5. Male servo lead
6. Female servo lead pins
7. Jeti receiver

Will need to re-bind each model when used.

Link to full thread here:
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I use the Realflight 7 and sometimes the Phoenix computer simulators, which both worked using the direct cable connection with my DX18. The Jeti is not so straightforward. However, once things are up and running the Jeti works fine with the computer simulators.

The main issue is that the Jeti does not have the standard stereo audio output jack that the Spektrum or other transmitters have to link the transmitter with the computer. Something about an issue with FCC compliance. After searching through a number or rambling RCG threads and working things out, the following 2 methods seem most simple:
Method 1 – Jeti PPM Wire

Method 2 – Wireless using dedicated receiver and soldering together a few parts

A link to the full thread is:
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This power cell setup has both eliminated the need for an expensive AC to DC power source at home and also lets me charge batteries at the flying field all day without a generator. It's a relatively simple setup. Needless to say, anyone considering doing something similar must do their own homework and weigh and assume any risks involved.

Basically, the Power Cell acts as a giant reservoir or power and is trickle charged and maintained by continuous connection to the high quality CTEK charger connected to a standard home power outlet.

At home, I connect my charger to the power cell which provides ample power to charge all my batteries. If I go to the field, I simply unplug the charger and power cell and take them with me. At the field, the charger simply plugs directly into the Power Cell.

Details and the full thread are available here:
Posted by drjay | Feb 28, 2014 @ 02:49 AM | 8,607 Views
I made some notes of my experience with the Parkzone Corsair. This model has many issues and design flaws uncharacteristic of a Parkzone/Horizon Hobby model. I kept thinking of selling it and then kept tweaking the modifications to fix fault flaps, battery tray, wing connectors, landing gear, landing gear covers etc etc. I also upgraded the weak stock motor and battery to a Scorpion SII-3020-1110kV motor and TP 3300mAh 4S battery and as a result now it looks great and flies like the proverbial bat out of hell, doing about 90mph on the radar gun.

The link to the build log thread is here:

The link for the strut cover modification is here:

Corsair F4U (Palm Springs Air Museum) walkaround
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Here are a few notes on my Habu 32 build - will eventually post a more complete thread.

The Habu 32 is an excellent aircraft, but a number of known build issues exist. I've covered a couple of them here and will add more as I have time.
Posted by drjay | Feb 24, 2014 @ 02:16 PM | 8,786 Views
Here's a quick build log for the shelf I built for the back of our Toyota Sienna. This allows transport of additional aircraft without having to take off the wings.

Posted by drjay | Feb 24, 2014 @ 03:33 AM | 9,270 Views
I made strut covers for deficient-looking wire strut covers that came with the stock Parkzone Corsair. The wire struts are a major weakness of Parkzone models.

Details of the strut cover modification are posted here:

The main RCG thread for this model is:

My own, more detailed build log is:
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I have posted a number of images of real aircraft to assist scale modelers in detailing their aircraft. I focused on the smaller details, as in-flight images and overview shots typically are readily available on the internet. Images are organized as Bombers, Propeller Aircraft and Jet Aircraft. Personal hobby use only, no photos are intended for commercial use.


B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber (Palm Springs Air Museum)

B-25 Mitchell Bomber (Palm Springs Air Museum)

B-29 Enola Gay (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.)

Dauntless Dive Bomber (LA County Airshow 2015)

Fighters, Trainers, Experimental - Propeller:

F4U Corsair (Palm Springs Air Museum)

F4U-1D Corsair (Smithsonian Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Virginia)

P-40 Warhawk (LA County Airshow 2015)

P-47 Thunderbolt (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.)

P-47 Thunderbolt (Palm Spring Air Museum)

P-51D Mustang Red Tail (Palm Springs Air Museum)

P-51D...Continue Reading
Posted by drjay | Jan 02, 2014 @ 01:32 AM | 9,182 Views
Just assembled this model. Although many at my airfield tried to convince me to purchase the larger B-17 model, I got the smaller one and have been quite impressed. It flies on rails with plenty of power and and fantastic detailing (other than the chin turret and tail gunner guns). The design and build are well done.

See here for my build log: