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Posted by FlyHighserver | Feb 22, 2021 @ 07:49 PM | 6,022 Views
The FlyHighServer will be launched on Fri, Feb 26 2021. This will be a server with several flight lines including the following,

3D line, (Large 3D Aircraft will have a long open field to execute maneuvers that require great space, smoke is allowed in this area but please be mindful of other pilots. LAKE COMING SOON!)

Precision aerobatics line, (This will be another wide open area that can be used for special maneuvers and precision aerobatics practice. NO SMOKE ALLOWED!)

Heli line, (helis will be allowed to fly here alone.)

Electric flight line, (Any small aircraft such as foamys and gliders will be allowed here to fly with no smoke. This is a good place for training.)

Indoor flight line, (In this hangar any really small aircraft will be able to fly weather they are helis, planes, or quads.)

Full scale flight line, (This is a very large scale flight line where huge aircraft can fly. The other runways will not be able to have aircraft like this due to the small runways. Please use this as if it is a real airport on Microsoft flight simulator or something.)

Float flying line, (Float planes will have a lake here to fly at for nice splash and goes and boat driving.)

Rules and conditions,

1. No smoke on runways, only on the 3D line.

2. Try to fly on your designated flight line, large full scale aircraft on the full scale line, IMAC and 3D on the 3D line, pattern and IMAC on the pattern line, Electric on the electric line, etc.... etc...

3. Have Fun!


Failure to follow these rules will result in a suspension, after three suspensions you will be banned. This goes especially for the “have fun” rule.


When is the server online?
24/6 it is not online on Sunday's.

Is there ever any combat or other contests?

Every Friday there will be one from 5-7. It will be a continuous loop of all the combats and streamer cuts at differnet locations.

How can I contact the owner?

My email is [email protected]