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Posted by DexterIsMyHero | Feb 03, 2021 @ 07:12 PM | 10,067 Views
My notes on assembling a Tarot 680 Pro Airframe

I enjoyed assembling this high quality mostly carbon fiber airframe. The quality and precision of the parts, the simple yet detailed assembly drawings, exploded views and part description callouts for the different TINY metric screws made it relaxing, without a lot of backtracking and head-scratching.

I don't know for sure, but I get the impression this particular airframe kit was returned partially assembled. There were quite a few extra parts! All new, apparently, no signs of scratches. An extra swing arm pivot, color red. Four swing arm clamps. A couple dozen extra of those short shoulder screws that fit so nicely in the pre drilled holes on the PWB and bottom plate.

I attached the four clamps to the top of the PWB plate (top plate) thinking possibly I'll fab a small "deck" over the PX4 to mount anything more.

I did notice that two of the eight M2.5 x 28mm hex cap screws were actually M2.5 x 25 mm and could not engage the threads in one of the landing gear pivot brackets. The local McMaster-Carr store was my go-to for a replacement.

These and even tinier metric screws may require buying a set of tiny hex nut drivers. Some of them have the heads between the two plates and must be turned through a matching hole in the other plate. I used a 5/64 hex bit that seemed to fit the larger ones quite well, even though they're Metric.

As of this writing, the frame is
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