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Posted by trevellyan | Feb 01, 2021 @ 05:52 PM | 9,736 Views
Aeroscout S ArduPilot Waypoint Mission with Auto-takeoff and Auto-land (4 min 50 sec)

Just a quick circuit testing out my new FPV setup with landing gear removed for the snow. If you look carefully you can see the Catskill Mountains in the far distance.
Posted by trevellyan | Dec 26, 2020 @ 09:34 AM | 14,223 Views
Aeroscout S Noob Fail (5 min 14 sec)

I caught two major lucky breaks here:
  1. The tree was the other side of the chainlink fence, but reachable from the side I was on.
  2. The canopy with the RunCam 4K attached landed on my side of the fence.
Apart from a nick in the tail and a dent in one wing, the plane emerged largely unscathed. Unfortunately, the next time I flew it, I lost control coming out of a roll and dove it straight into the ground because I didn't have enough altitude - DUH!

Replacement fuselage is on backorder...