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Posted by TrikeTrash | Feb 27, 2021 @ 10:19 PM | 7,944 Views
Easy question, complex answer. One, I'm a cheap azz. Two, I like tinkering with stuff. Three, and the
most important, I hate stuff on my face. Maybe, it's because I have to wear glasses and that's done
a number in my head over the years. I don't know, I just don't like stuff on my face. I have to put up
with the glasses but I don't have to put up with a #@#% octopus wrapped on my face!

Back to the bucket. It started when I purchased a toy quad that came with a little 4" video monitor
that attached to the radio. It was ok, but trying to watch the screen while the quad was flying around
the room, really really didn't work out. I thought about putting the monitor in a box and sticking my
head inside - that didn't work. Then by accident while out it the garage, I noticed my old flip up welding
helmet hanging on the wall. It had been replaced many years before by my auto darkening helmet. I
pulled it down, it was covered in dust, full of spider webs and the headband was rotten. I tried to flip it
open but the hinge was rusted solid so it broke off in my hand. I proceeded to pry out the optical filters
and got it down to the bare plastic. I cut a piece of aluminum to cover the opening left by the flip top, a
couple of pop rivets, some hot glue and the Model I hood was born.

The screen was quite small and I had to wear glasses to focus but it worked great. Thinking that if this
hood was good, goggles must be even better....Continue Reading