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Posted by Cruzmore2 | Feb 19, 2021 @ 12:34 PM | 8,182 Views
Thanks to AndyKunz for his postings which help me get started trouble shooting my problem. And thanks to VicT who posted the first post of my problem and help me to learn how to post on RC Groups, he's a great mentor.

I had the misfortune of trying to install Airware 3.04.01 beta which was posted for a short time and then removed. I download the software with the WiFi and clicked install. I stepped away from the transmitter for a few moments and when I came back the transmitter was off. I waited a few moments and then I turned it back on and the switch blinked twice and the screen showed a logo and a progressive indication scrolling to the right. It was stuck in a loop repeating the same thing over and over again. I tried holding the on/off switch down to see if would reset the transmitter and after one minute I stopped with no result and it was still stuck in the loop. I had to unplug the battery to turn the transmitter off as the on/off switch would not respond.

Next I went to and downloaded Airware 03.03 (the previous version) onto my SD card to force the transmitted to reinstall the Airware. Remember the SD card must be a Class 6 or less, 32GB or smaller and formatted FAT or FAT32. Some Class 10 SD Cards will work from top brands like SanDisk and Toshiba (I found this in information in the FAQ which you have to download from under "Manuals and Support” on any of the NX Transmitters display pages.
I put the SD Card in the...Continue Reading