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Posted by solentlife | Feb 07, 2021 @ 12:29 PM | 8,450 Views
Ice fishing and winter Ventspils 07 02 2021 (8 min 8 sec)

Pretty cold out there .... and I of course suffered near frozen hands doing it !!
Posted by solentlife | Nov 11, 2020 @ 06:46 AM | 106,524 Views

This 'blog' is in no way intended to detract or deny the excellent work and effort put into the 3D Vulcan by MK9 and his son. It is intended to COMPLIMENT and provide ideas / suggestions / examples of failures / success that could aid in getting the design to a generic print.
To not clog up the original thread with experiments and modifications. This is by suggestion of MK9.... which I fully respect.

MK9 and his son have produced what must be one of the most iconic Cold War aircraft ever. The Avro Vulcan.

I have built 3 of my own design and still have the 3rd in full flying order and I thoroughly enjoy flying it. Its profile - but that wing shape in air is so distinctive - the profile form is ignored.

The 3D Vulcan linked to - many are printing and providing input to MK9 and son ... hopefully another example will soon grace the air.

My efforts so far are to translate the STL's from CR-10 to a more compact sized bed machine as many have ... from the 300x300 to 200x200.
During prints - I have found the wing skins to actually sag due to lack of internal support - in the quest of MK9 / Son to keep weight down. To fly it on a 50mm EDF is some achievement IMHO.

So far I have printed about 80% of one wing panel and find that its form sags and joints are subject to the bottom layer ... so further tests will be made removing the 2 bottom perimeter layers and substituting 2% infill .......Continue Reading
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I'm coming on soon to be 64yrs old and I have being flying models since about 6 - 7 yrs old ... I was youngest of three boys and my older brothers were into tow launched gliders and Control Line. I used to be the daft one who had to run the field towing up those gliders or get the 'wrath of brotherly love' descend on me !
But as soon as I could - it was into RC ... especially when I had no brothers at home to hold the C/L model while I picked up the lines ... Oh what a dance that was early days of RC ... never knowing if it would work or not. Hours spent fiddling about to end in failure at field.

But memory plays tricks and I look back at balmy days ... sunshine, gentle breeze ... beautiful days to go flying.

Today I have gear and models that you know as long as you setup correct - will fly and fly again. No longer a wing and a prayer ... but what happened to the weather ?
Now we seem to lurch from one extreme to another ... the number of suitable flying days are so few that it makes me wonder if I will fly again.

Are we now suffering Global Warming affecting our hobby ? I certainly do not remember so many lost weekends to weather as now. I admit that the weather limits are lower now for me than in past. Because I was in UK - the wind and weather was always 'breezy' and we lived with it ... but models then were more robust, heavier. Today models are lighter, more skeletal and do not suffer the wind so well.

Maybe its time to start resurrecting some of the older construction methods and more robust models ?
Posted by solentlife | Jul 12, 2019 @ 03:56 AM | 13,559 Views
Despite representation and links to the offending - I am still penalised even though I am the victim.

I also seem to have had my Blog altered !!

Seems "Cause and Effect" has no value here.
Posted by solentlife | Jul 10, 2019 @ 05:29 AM | 11,604 Views
RCG is not unique in the problem - it happens in all forums ....

People post and tend to forget who reads. We all do it. We read a post and reply ... our attention is on that post we reply to. Trouble is - that and our reply are read by others who's minds are not similarly 'focused'.

The result can be less than desirable - especially for a newcomer to the hobby.

Bias is all part of our individual make-up, we like to think we can step outside our bias and preferences, but in fact its not that easy. Especially if a discussion takes a path that gets somewhat heated. The 'gloves come off' and bias rears up to serious levels ...

It becomes sad when a poster then resorts to insults or name calling. It usually means the person who resorts to insult has lost the argument and has nowhere left to go. It would have been much better if they had left the discussion alone with their previous.

Sometimes the poster with nowhere to go - resorts to 'baiting' - trying to provoke a response. The best reply to that is NO Reply ! That infuriates the antagonist much more than any reply.

Above is a part of every forum - some have moderators that deaol with it quietly and effectively, others don't. But its there and well to remember that we cannot control who reads our posts and the consequences.
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Its funny .. in every Forum there is often one that seems oblivious to world around them. With Jo - not only blind but paranoid !

Yet again - he attacks me for what he thinks is a post targeting him .... why would I target him ? It has no purpose - I long ago got tired of winding him up. I can go real fishing instead of baiting hooks for Jo !!

RCG is the last refuge he has after being booted of various other forums ... he denies it - but its common knowledge.

Hang in their Jo .... they haven't thrown you out of RCG yet !!
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I turned 63 in January .... but in fact only when climbing stairs do I feel old !

But my flying standards are getting worse. I swear I am going backwards ... especially when it comes to landings and such. Major problem is 'depth perception' - I swear I am lined up with runway ... but find myself landing into the rough !

Maybe its my glasses ?? I wear varifocal glasses having got fed up carrying two pairs, one for normal and others for reading.

I must say though ..... my flying today is improving my repair skills !!
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I have created / I am moderator on various forums and Owners Groups.

The range of styles and moderators is wide and can at times be bewildering.

I have been in the modelling hobby for over 55yrs and seen development and changes that we could never have imagined. Leaving aside the electronics and models themselves - one of the most useful but also can be destructive - is the advent of Internet and Forums.

Forums and sites such as Youtube give instant access to all. Whether experienced or newcomer. Because of its instant factor - it can also be carrier for the less informed or those with 'character'.

Recently a Vendor posted on a text that caused a number of members to reply in terms of disbelief. The vendors claims were in all honesty ridiculous.

As I say - various members posted such and I decided to add some experiences and questions to the thread. The vendor continued his stance and debate continued. While I was typing my next reply - the moderator of that section "Dirkclod" posted a message informing that he would ban anyone who continued to 'bash' the vendor. I was totally unaware of his threat and clicked POST. Once my text uploaded - I then saw his threat ... but before I could edit / delete my post - which actually was NOT bashing the vendor but questioning his claims - I was banned.

I was not able to edit / delete or even contact the moderator to discuss or solve the situation.

Two weeks later - I was allowed back to...Continue Reading
Posted by solentlife | Nov 23, 2018 @ 05:26 AM | 74,089 Views
With the building of workshop / garage / club room ... I will be moving gear soon. That frees up the house as Wife is tired of my modelling !!

With so many models of so many different types - I need to learn to stop buying / building and just fly what I have. When it comes down to it - I enjoy the building .. not so much the final installation / setup ... and then the nervous maiden flight !! The joy of that successful maiden is something else. Never again do you get that 'rush' of satisfaction that you have 'done it again' ...

My dragging out of storage many of my models is giving me a bit of a rush ... so I hope that working through these will help me get over the Click to Buy !!

One of the biggest hurdles I have to sort : Every day literally I find something I need to order. Is there any way to organise orders so I can order less frequently ?

I ordered various ESC's ...

then I ordered Linkage stoppers

then I ordered landing gear clamps, saddle clamps

then I ordered 9 / 12 / 13gr servos ...

Now why did I not know to order in one time and save shipping ?

I bet I am not only one !!

Posted by solentlife | Sep 01, 2018 @ 05:10 AM | 75,065 Views
I don't know about 'you' but I have a large number of models covering cars, boats, heli's, multi-rotors and fixed wing.

I sit there sometimes and just consider why i have so many. Is it the love of using so many different ? Is it the looking at them and knowing all mine ? Is it the joy of putting them together and seeing them create in my hands ?

I really do not know. But what I do know is that over 50% do not get to be used as I develop a collection that travels usually to / from flight / model area. I cannot really say I prefer those models - but somehow i feel more confident with them.

Lately - I have been looking through my vast hangar and checking out which is still really in condition to see use again. Its terrible to admit this - but near all are fit to go. Its a sad indictment of my waste of good models.

Additionally its terrible that I still scan through Hobby King ... and various online sites looking for the next model !
When at the PC ... one of the websites usually open ... Windguru ... checking out the weather over next days !!

Am I alone in this or is it really a common problem ?

I don't want a cure .. no way ... but would be nice to know I'm not alone !

Posted by solentlife | Aug 30, 2018 @ 04:41 AM | 74,708 Views
Yes .. you read it correct : Good Deed of Airport Security.

We all hate going through security, the removal of belt, shoes ... empty pockets and show computer etc.

Recently travelling back from one of my many trips to Arabian Gulf - I was going through Dubai Security, terminal 3.

The metal detector was having a fit and near all of us had trouble with it. I went through it at least 3x before realising my car key was in my pocket. I thrw it into a tray ... tried detector again ... BEEP BEEP ... so security asked me aside and did a full pat down and tissue testing for explosives / drugs. Cleared I collected my gear .. 'redressed' ... and went on my way.

7 hours later in Hamburg - had to go through security again due to next flight being EU entry. Empty pockets and computer .. OH NO !!!! Where's my car key ???

You guessed - its still in Dubai. And its only key I have for the car !!

Car is standing in the Long Term Car Park of Riga Airport waiting my arrival and to drive home. It also has still in it ... my best models !! (Its actually my Renault Master cargo Van).
I telephoned the Car Park office who advised they can get car opened - but nothing else. Of course its one of those 'chip' keys that need to come from factory !!
I call a pal who agrees to meet me and get me home. I then talk to Renault dealer in my town next day who say 3 weeks to order .. I need truck the car to them ... and then they program for new key. Price 220 Euros for the key + trucking...Continue Reading
Posted by solentlife | Aug 05, 2018 @ 11:10 AM | 73,693 Views
For each year the weather seems to change more ... here in Baltic we lost our good cold winters and ended up with mushy winters and summers. This year we are suffering a heat wave ... like much of Europe.
The humidity is the real factor though, but with temps in the 35+ C region .. its just not comfortable. If its not that - the wind is making it bad for flights.
My number for flying days this year is appallingly low. I have new models and gear I want to get out there with ... but no the weather gods are saying otherwise.
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Yet again RCG shows it 'colours' ......

Unfortunately due to RCG being one of the largest membership forums online - it of course has all range of people. Over last week or so - that has become so evident in the reaction of a couple in particular.
Basically over 2 years - they have been allowed to develop into self appointed experts, posting what in reality is rubbish. When someone comes along and challenges in full and fair manner - they get all upset and resort to attacking and finally when they realise they are on very poor ground - close the thread !!

Unbelievable - completely against the whole idea of forums - place where discussion and ideas are to be put ... where differences of findings / ideas / solutions can all be looked at and debated.

Seems these people are not interested in any form of debate - only Medals and Patting each other on the back - regardless of whether right or wrong.

RCG has a reputation out there of being a tough arena and not so kind to all ... many I know have left RCG for this reason - chosen smaller more friendly forums where discussion is so well conducted - it makes RCG look like a Gladiatorial arena.

I will not name the people or thread involved - but they know full well who they are and I hope they feel satisfied in showing just how petty and childish they can be.

Posted by solentlife | Feb 26, 2018 @ 06:59 AM | 75,234 Views
Today we have instant messaging with video conferencing and so on ... makes it better to see the other and certainly reduces misunderstandings.

I wonder how long it will be before forums will adopt an online video function - so when in a thread with others - you can see the person you may be replying to ?

I know its more than just a single face issue ... but given the stupid arguments that forums often have - and most are due to bad wording / ego / poor understanding of what other person writes or replies ... a face in the 'discussion' would likely remove vast majority of those 'incidents'.

Our club has a Group listing on SKYPE ... and there we have chats and sometimes we have some serious comments - but instead of as would happen on a forum where it would most likely upset someone - there it just gets sorted and no-ones upset.

It would be a game changer but with thousands of members not an easy one to sort ... maybe person can only see those who are on Friends List ... or an invitation system when reading a thread ?

Wonder if it will ever happen ?

Posted by solentlife | Jul 25, 2017 @ 02:51 PM | 77,179 Views
I really have had enough of these idiots who appoint themselves as the 'Experts' ...

Do they not appreciate that New Pilots come onto forums not knowing and then take in what they read ? At least old fogies like myself can sift the crap from the good ... but they cannot.

I hope that these 'experts' have the balls to own up and cover the results of their 'advice' ...

I have opted out of a number of threads - because when challenged, the 'experts' have been insulting and not understood what they do. I tried but they fail to look further than their own ego's.

This destroys the best part of RCG ...

Posted by solentlife | Mar 11, 2017 @ 07:26 AM | 81,494 Views

Thinking to add to my Laser Cutter a 3D printer ....nothing special, just something that can knock up cowling, blisters etc. My big Lancaster would be first beneficiary !

I realize its a cheap machine - but its modular, takes common 1.75 filament .... and has 220 x 220 x 170mm work area.

Looking for discussion on how easy to construct the 'templates' etc.

Not looking to spend more money I have to declare !!

Well its out of box and needs calibrating ...

I was going to do an unboxing / assembly video - but the video on the Flash Drive supplied is far better that I could have done.

PrintRite DIY 3D Printer Assembly User Guide (5 min 39 sec)

OK ... assembly photos ...

The box ... its heavy !

Two trays of gear and manual :

...Continue Reading
Posted by solentlife | Dec 18, 2016 @ 09:17 PM | 81,016 Views
Over last years we have seen some crazy items like putting a gun on a multi-rotor, videoing people without thought of their privacy, flying in streets and congested areas.
Many comments in the RC world as it was understood any 'idiot' could buy and fly with the sophisticated flight control systems.

I hoped that sanity would prevail.

Judging by some of the drone people and misinformation given out by them - I think it is a hope that may not be realized. Yes majority are sensible in use, but the lack of general understanding of gear is tremendous.

I increasingly fear the consequences of this rapid expanding part of our hobby.

Posted by solentlife | Dec 17, 2016 @ 02:51 AM | 81,156 Views
Not so long ago I was penalised for taking a 'miscreant' to task for his blatant rudeness and blinkered view. He filled good threads with his own twisted views and despite a number of people commenting - continued on. He received warnings not only from RCG, but it is well known he was in trouble on other forums - in fact was banned from some for similar tactics.

That finally resolved itself and petered out to odd postings by him.

It is very sad that despite myself and others reporting another 'gentleman' - RCG have apparently done nothing and the persons blatant actions ignoring good forum practice, his continual baiting goes on. Shame on RCG.

Shame on the perpetrator, but RCG must take some of the blame as they fail to stamp this kind of thing out. There are a number of people on RCG who are well known to play this game, with RCG seemingly ignoring them. Other forums often comment on this and it definitely is not good for RCG in the long run.

The number of Newcomers to the hobby who are ridiculed on RCG is legendary. I am active on many forums and RCG is the most vindictive of all. It even beats some of the worst Yachting forums !

I remain on RCG as I am able to sift the rubbish from the good .... it is probably the largest online RC community, and that is most likely a large part of the problem.

Posted by solentlife | Dec 17, 2016 @ 02:39 AM | 81,084 Views
I admit that I have been one of those who was not pro-drone, but had bought and played with odd multi-rotor models.

Finally after a bunch of lads in the club bought DJI Phantoms - I thought - Why not.

I have to admit that I am enjoying it, even though I am having range problems with the video link. Further that I look forward to getting home and doing a few Winter videos.

A fascination at present is the range question and remedies. The P3S uses 5.8ghz for control and 2.4ghz for video. The other Phantoms use 2.4ghz for both.
I hope to look at using 3rd party lightweight boosters on the controller and the aircraft. Tests will be made as soon as I can get home.

Posted by solentlife | Jun 29, 2016 @ 10:49 AM | 82,979 Views
There seems to be some argument about setting up a model. My opinion is to have a well set-up model to reduce the possible errors and trim problems that can arise.
But it seems that some are happy with mediocre set-up and using trims / stabilisers to sort it out.

I was brought up on trimmed, balanced, well set-up free flight many years ago. It took a long time to understand why my models were not flying as long or as well as others. But listening to others, learning from them taught me to 'eye' the model, weigh it, balance it ... give it every chance to perform its best. I then started to get much better flights and results.

Today we have Flight Controllers, 6 axis gyros, radios that sing and do the Hokey Cokey for us ... and it seems that old values are being ignored more and more.

I will add one item for thought that may just get people thinking about my viewpoint.

You have that mediocre set-up model and you are flying along. Its trimmed to fly reasonably. An event or incident happens that calls on that model to perform and you to save it. But being mediocre it just fails ... sad.
Taking the little bit extra care on set-up .. balance in longitudinal and transverse, proper thrust lines, incidence, decollage etc. may just have saved that model.

Your choice guys and dolls ... I know what mine is.