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Posted by pvtzemerak | Jan 24, 2021 @ 11:14 AM | 4,584 Views
Took me longer than expected to finish my Protos 380. I got all the parts in a week or so ago but wasn't able to do any adjusting due to the Vbar USB Port Location and the small size of the 380 frame. I ended up having to cut off the plastic housing of the USB chord to get it to fit. The rest of the build went fairly smooth and the Hawk-RC Blade grips added a nice touch to the head giving it a more "premium" look compared to the stock plastic blade grips.

The only gripe I have with the kit is the tail. Even with the upgraded metal casing and slider, there isn't a lot of room for error and I had to play with tolerances and bolt torque to be able to get the slider moving freely without any binding. There is a lot of mechanical gain on this tail just by design, so make sure to use a servo horn/wheel that has holes as close to the spline as possible and set your gyro gain low. It took me 10-15 flights of tuning in the vbar system to get this heli flying somewhat smooth at 2500RPM. Anything above that and I get a violent tail wag. I attempted to work it out but stopped trying due to how perfect this little heli fly's at 2500.

The flight performance of this Protos is beyond what I was expecting coming from .50 sized machines 6 years ago. The Heli feels just as "locked in" as larger machines and is very stable. The drivetrain is obnoxiously quiet thanks to the belt-driven transmission and tapered profile on the AzurePower Blades. Not bad for a $200 kit - I really can't see justifying spending any more on a kit this size.
Posted by pvtzemerak | Jan 10, 2021 @ 01:59 AM | 4,958 Views
RC Heli's have always been one of my favorite disciplines in all of Radio Control. Getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus, I noticed that there really aren't as many offerings and brands as there used to be, and very few designs that I actually like (classic "pod & boom" guy here). For months I would ponder how much I would want to invest in a kit - I wasn't too keen on emptying my wallet on a 700 sized machine as my first machine in over 6 years - So I was eyeing up the 380-550 sized market.

The Protos 380 (non-evo) is already one of the cheapest non-clones on the market with an MSRP of $199, but when Cajun Aircraft had a Black Friday sale on them for 25% off, I had to bite the bullet. Hell, I almost bought two and kept a second kit for spare parts

  • EgoDrift 3220HS 900Kv Motor
  • Hobbywing Platinum 60A ESC
  • Torq CL0508 HV Cyclic Servos
  • Torq CL0604T HV Tail Servo
  • AzurePower 385mm Main Blades
  • Rotortech 71mm Tail Blades
  • Vbar Neo w/ DSMX Satellites
  • HRB 6s 1800mAh 50C Lipo

  • XLpower Metal Tail Unit
  • XLpower Speed Up Tail Pulley
  • MSHeli Metal tail pitch set
  • Red 3D Dampers
  • Hawk-RC Metal Blade Grips

So far I have gotten through most of the airframe minus the head and tail. I wanted to do this build straight through and have the entire build & flight report in one post but I am still waiting for most of my components to arrive thanks to the shipping delays through USPS

I wasn't expecting such an easy build for a $200 airframe. I...Continue Reading
Posted by pvtzemerak | Sep 06, 2020 @ 02:23 PM | 6,740 Views
I’ve been out of the RC hobby for quite some time. Corona lockdown has given me lots of extra free time on my hands so I figured it would be a great time to explore getting back into the hobby. I’ve flown everything from indoor F3P to 3D Heli’s, so it was tough to pinpoint the best way to get back into the hobby- until I came across my old, beat up superfly I bought back in 2009. I remember how much of a blast this thing was to fly, and how durable it was- no matter how many times I dumb-thumbed it- I was always able to hot glue it back together. I estimated having over 1200 flights on the beat up, dusty frame over the course of 6 years. So I sent Jeff an email and to my suprise, he was still able to cut kits. Rather than gut the old electronics, I wanted to start fresh.

My setup is as follows:
  • Microdan 1845kv spinning an APC 8x4E
  • Turnigy plush-32 30A ESC
  • Turnigy DMC809 Brushless Metal Gear Servos
  • Tattu 3s 850mAh 45C lipos
  • Spektrum DX8G2 W/ AR6600 Rx

Building this kit is an absolute joy. The entire kit goes together with hot glue. For paint I broke out my old airbrush and used transparent createx paint. My airbrushing skills drastically declined over the years, but am happy with how it turned out. I opted to ditch the Z-bend control linkages and built my own pushrods with 4mm carbon rods and 2.5mm ball links.

Flight report:
What an absolute blast this ship is to fly. The range of performance of this design is outstanding. From full throttle flyby's to...Continue Reading
Posted by pvtzemerak | Apr 16, 2013 @ 05:16 PM | 7,403 Views
Here is my First 3D flight with the Fury 55. Once i got the engine tuned in, i decided to try and put it through some mild 3D. I still am having problems with Tail-Down Hurricanes. The tail wants to kick out, My Vbar tail gain is at 92%. There are some things i might try:
  • Tighten Belt
  • Move Vbar Unit
  • Swap 95mm Tail Blades to 105mm Tail Blades
  • Tighten tail blade grips
I have a log for the Fury 55 here:

Fury 55 Flybarless (4 min 49 sec)

Posted by pvtzemerak | May 09, 2012 @ 09:37 PM | 8,163 Views
Hello Rcgroup'ers,
This is the build log of my Miniature Aircraft Fury 55, my first helicopter.. ever. It is also my first nitro model ever. I have about 2-3 years of Sim experience, i mastered all hovering, and flight orientations. I wanted to jump to a .50 size heli because ive been doing so much indoor flying, i miss being out on a nice summers day with a machiene that is meant for flying outdoors, unlike a foamy. Anyway, the build has been increadibly smooth with no problems. I'll edit this blog as i go along. But here is my setup:
Miniature Aircraft Fury 55 FBL kit
  • O.S .50 SX-H Hyper Engine
  • Curtis Youngblood Enterprises Mp5 50 SB muffler
  • Align DS610 servos on cyclic + Throttle
  • Outrage BL 9188HV servos on tail
  • Mikado Full size Vbar 5.2
  • Edge 603mm FBL blades.
  • Guided by Spektrum Dx8
Posted by pvtzemerak | Mar 17, 2012 @ 01:09 PM | 7,963 Views
New Sultimate V2:
  • Hacker A10-9L
  • CastleCreations Pheonix 10A
  • Futaba S3114's all around
  • Ar6110
  • Guided by a Spektrum Dx8
I used T-rex 250 ball links for the ailerons. This is a new-ish trend in the indoor scene, and it works alot better than z-bends. I have no play whatsoever using these. In the past when i used the Z-bends, i would always geta tiny bit of play in the ailerons. Also, i find the Ball links alot easier to setup rather than the z-bends.
Posted by pvtzemerak | Mar 21, 2011 @ 07:28 PM | 8,568 Views
Here is the latest design, a simple SU-29 with modified control surfaces. I havn't tested the model yet. Other than doing basic 3D, my goal for this model is a fast/ consistant roll rate to fit my style of flying. While i enjoy all aspects of 3D flight, i like rolling manuevers more than anything, rolling harriers, rolling loops, rolling harrier spin, ect ect.
Anyway, here are pics in Solidworks, hope to be able to print out soon, and get it flying.
Posted by pvtzemerak | Aug 28, 2010 @ 09:31 AM | 10,713 Views
Hey guys,
Over the last indoor season, all i heard about was Rj's new Mx2 and how awesome it is and ect. At first, i didnt care for it. I loved my Donuts Models Sultimate more than any other foamie
So, after soo many people were suggesting me to get, i said screw it, and ordered one up for the beggining of indoor season.
As for the build, its one of the easiest foamies to build, i had no trouble putting it together.
My current setup is:
  • Hacker A10-9L swinging a GWS 8x4.3- great power combo
  • Turnigy 12A esc; made it lighter by removing covering, shortening wires
  • Futaba S3114 servos all around- amazing servos.
  • Ar6110e w/ removed case to save weight.

So as of now i got around 20 flights on it, WOW i should of bought this thing awhile ago. very precise in KE flight, yet it will preform all the manuevers you want. Rolling circles, rolling loops, blenders, KE spins (wich i LOVE), rolling harrier spins, this Mx2 can do it all!
I highly suggest if you dont have one, to get one, even two for this upcoming indoor season.

Here are some build pics & video
Fancy Foam Mx2 (4 min 17 sec)

Posted by pvtzemerak | Mar 02, 2010 @ 07:49 PM | 9,366 Views
Heres some pictures of my Breeze Bipe designed by racerxky.

Alright, got my Breeze Done Today. It came out pretty nice! So after checking everything, i took it out of a quick flight. After getting in 2 trim passes or so, i tried pulling some rolls. Pretty nice model! I havnt put it through any sequences yet, my flight lasted only 2-3minutes because it started to rain
Thanks for the Awesome Design Racer! Great [email protected]
Heres My Set-up
  1. TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner Motor
  2. GWS 8 x 4DD prop
  3. E-flite 9A ESC
  4. X2 HXT 500 ( for elevator and rudder)
  5. X1 Futaba S3114 ( for Aileron)
  6. Spektrum Ar6300 "Nanolite" Reciever
  7. Dualsky Xpower 2s 7.4V 300mah Lipo

Cant wait to get another flight!

Posted by pvtzemerak | Feb 10, 2010 @ 11:54 PM | 9,739 Views
Finished the airframe for the matchless juka.. So far so good.
As of tonight, all i got done was setting the servos up, power system will be the following..
  • HXT 24 gram 1700kv "Blue wonder"
  • Turnigy plush 12A ESC
  • X2 HXT 500 Servos ( for Ailerons)
  • X1 Futaba S3114 Servo ( for elevator)
  • X1 HXT 500 Servo ( for Rudder)
  • Ar6100e
  • Rhino 2s 360mah packs