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Posted by airfoil'd | Feb 08, 2021 @ 10:21 AM | 8,272 Views
Sunday Feb 7, 2021
I have two airframes of "immediate" interest:
(But, not listed in order of most interest?).

1) Mini-Stormlauncher.
Gutted, (stock guts as unreliable as ever). Mentioned first, it corresponds to the first model programmed into the DX6e, the Ultrix.
I might buy a 2nd Ultrix, to transplant into the MSL.

2) StormLauncher.

The reason I decided to get back into RC.

Always wanted to upgrade one of these with elevons, along with the differential thrust. The DX6i programming as I understood was too limited to pursue this.
Then the XVert came along, and the control configuration (in airplane mode) just seemed matched to the task.
I have a second XVert on the way. I'm going to transplant all of it's components into a SL airframe. In airplane mode, it should be a functional envelope.
I wonder how the SL will do in multi-rotor?
(I also have another XVert rx and outboard sensor in reserve for future consideration.)

3) StormLauncher #2:
I have a second SL on the way. This is because I want to explore some additional concepts: tail-sitting, motor sizes, mount options... Mini Convergence components ...?... "etc".

All of that said, the Ultrix may prove to be the most utilized format.
I have a couple more airframes in my back pocket that might be transplant candidates.

So far, this DX6e seems to be dedicated to "Concept Flyers"...

Next post: Component compatibility/concept questions... 3rd props...?...
Posted by airfoil'd | Feb 08, 2021 @ 10:18 AM | 8,099 Views
Sunday Feb 7, 2021

Day 1 with the DX6e:
Kind of a rough time navigating.

1) Ultrix:
Bound, but I can't seem to establish my "B" switch for the 3 modes. Seems I only have AS3x mode, atm. Haven't flown it yet. It's frigid here.

2) XVert:
Bound, but sure I don't have all settings as recommended. Must have done something right though. I flew it in multi-rotor mode in my living room.

3) Mini-Convergence:
Not yet bound. But this will be the next model programmed. I need to get my proper bearings with this radio first.

Next post: "Plot Twist: The Projects.".
Posted by airfoil'd | Feb 08, 2021 @ 09:03 AM | 7,736 Views
Update: the Dx6i years
There's been some variations along the way, but this is my current DX6i model list.

1) The Titan.
Took the motor and servos from the Cub and ran it with the RX that came with the TX. Sliced that Airhogs glider up good, turned it into a twin vertical canard elevon pusher on 3s. Good times.

2) AS3x/Great Planes F-86 Sabre.
Can't remember which Spektrum rx I put in this, but what a headache. Had to change all of the servo plugs... Ran the Great Planes fan. a A few good flights, but mixed results on the final product. Badly mixed. In a crater. Planning a transplant into a Mig 15.

3) F86 Sabre
Great Planes, ran with an Anylink. Had 3(?) in total..?

4) Mig-15
Had this before any F-86s, but this is how it showed up in the radio. Had two, actually. One still flying. The other had an rx burnout.

5) Me-109
Aircore. Anylink.

6) Spitfire
Aircore. Anylink. Required a servo reversal on rudder.
(I have the P-51 and Fw-190 airframes as well.)

7) Dominator
Another Airhogs bash. Mig-15 28mm fan, aircore rx, Anylink, elevons. Sedate. Fun experiment.

8) Hydrofly
Megatech. Never flown stock. Gift, broken. Threw aircore guts in it, Anylink. Limited success, twitchy.

Never filled slots 9 and 10. (Heli slots..?..)
Wanted a fresh radio start with some new projects I'm taking on.

Oh... there were a couple of Dromida drones along the way, too. And a lil Airhogs racing drone that still kicks asterisk on its 2nd lipo...

But, like I said, new projects. And a new radio,...Continue Reading
Posted by airfoil'd | Oct 02, 2008 @ 08:28 PM | 7,729 Views
Lets start at the start with a small step. I'm gonna use this blog as a means of taking an inventory, I'm going to take a chronological approach.
My first RC flyer was a;

1) Interactive Toys BladeRunner II, 3ch co-ax heli, still have 2 minty chassis minus drive gears
- This heli was delicate but lasted long enough to hook me on the hobby. All the modding, the constant tweaking, repairing and replacing of rotor blades! Eventually one of the motors burned out.

*still have everything, except lipo

my second was;

2) BladeRunner Blackshark, BR II with bigger motors, cool KA-50 styroshell
-This heli got even more modding. Never got to do a side by side comparison to first BR. Eventually one of the motors burned out.

*still have everything, minus lipo


3) Airhogs Skywinder, 3ch diff thrust with elevator, Pre-lipo.
- Not a real winner for me. 3 motor speeds, proportional elevator.

*still have everything except one, maybe both motors....

4) Havoc heli
-cat got this one.

*still have everything but main rotor blades and body. Still have the little winglets

5) Skyforce bi-plane
-Very nice little yard flyer. Good first plane. tight turns. Poopy reception on these planes though.
*still have and fly the bipe, has a ITC drive now.
still have the 27mhz rx tx and motors, not sure on the motors health.

6) SF fighter
-this needed a little more room than the bipe, but what it needed in space, it made up for in grace.
*...Continue Reading