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Posted by Fleetwood1973 | Jun 18, 2017 @ 01:36 AM | 3,610 Views
I will try to put this in chronological order.

First I went to the local hobby shop and got a Domida Kodo HD. After a while I got a Dromida Vista (some of my more expensive purchases if you can believe it).

Then I found BangGood and got a few e010's and JJRC H20Hs. Then a e010c and the VR007 googles.

Then I got my Taranis Q X7 and the QX95. It had the built in FrSky receiver and kept cutting out on me, and finally over the street from about 30' up crashed and broke the frame and AIO camera. I had an extra frame already for it, so I trashed the FC, and used the FC, receiver, motors and AIO from my QX80 (that I didnt really want to build because I couldnt find a way to hold the battery on it). By this time I had got several quads from banggood.

Then I got the EX100, but it had a bad motor, and I flew it into the wall and broke the frame. I didnt like the frame anyways, tapered crap, too hard to strap battery down.... so I mounted it all on a KK100 frame. I changed the camera, and its one of my favorite EX's to fly. Long flight time and easy to find.

Next I got the FB90. You know how that went.... cut the ducts, lost the canopy. Installed tri props. The FPV is bad for me.... but its the funnest to fly, especially LoS.

Next I built my own hex using the lantian spider 150 frame.

I got the EX110 and QX80 next, but didnt use QX80 except for parts, and the EX110 must have had a bad motor.... punch outs would roll, and I checked if it was the BF 3.1.7...Continue Reading