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Posted by kopterheld | Aug 19, 2017 @ 05:32 PM | 3,705 Views
I thought LiPo is LiPo but this Tattu is a real Power LiPo.
R-line 1550mAh 95C LiPo have so far been supplied with aluminum plate and standard battery shape. This weighs is 195 grams. The square is almost square 50 x 50 x 41 millimeters and weighs 176 grams less than standard LiPo with 1550mAh.
Because of the width, you may need longer velcro, but fits perfectly on an X or stretched X-frame. Here you can see my GEP LX Leopard with RS2306 2750KV Emax motors. The Tattu sqaure fits perfectly on the frame center, down.
The racer brings with 140Amper each battery to the glow, but the Tattu got lukewarm. Now this is my best Lipo with full force up to the last milli amper hour, suitable for every Hight End Preformace Racer.
Finally, a LiPo which does not overheat at 140 amp load.

Here my Review about the Tattu R-line square 4S 95C 1550mAh Power LiPo for Hight End Quad
(Sorry only DE but with subtitle that you can auto translate)
Tattu R-line square 4S 95C 1550mAh Power LiPo für Hight End Quad (2 min 14 sec)

Here my first flying test with Tattu square, tested with Emax RS2306 2750KV motors and AVAN-R5065 props that need over 120 Amper power LiPo. My Multistar LiPo was overheated
GEP LX5 Leopard Emax RS2306 2750KV 35A AVAN-R5065 Tattu Square 4S Quad (2 min 2 sec)
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