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Posted by Hubert1 | Feb 04, 2019 @ 07:24 PM | 2,104 Views
First impression: The esc was well packed, in a very nice box. The esc is however bigger and heavier than the average 80A esc, hopefully it makes up for this with extra features.

Connection: Connecting the esc to my phone was fairly simple. The wife from the module does sometimes take a while to show up,, but after you connect to the network, then hit connect in the app, everything works smoothly, and I had no connection issues. I donít believe that the wifi module is included if you buy the esc, but I wonít complain too much since most manufacturers dont include any progrmming tool.

App: The app is easy to use, and has a variety of settings, such as motor rotation, bec voltage, brake, etc. After connecting to the esc all of these settings are easy to change, and once saving the esc emits a series of beeps letting you know it has been updated. No issues here, everything worked as expected.

Reverse: This esc allows you to switch the motor rotation in the app, or you can do so with a switch, provided yo have an extra channel on your receiver. This is not very common, but is very nice to have, and allows for some very weird but fun maneuvers. It is worth noting that this feature only works if you have the brake enabled.

Glitches: I only had one glitch throughout my entire testing, and it was quite minor. In test 1, the rpm shot up to 522, 160 when the motor started rotating, but it went back down to normal very quickly. This occurred only once and I was not able...Continue Reading