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Posted by Punkie | Oct 02, 2008 @ 01:48 PM | 10,133 Views
Just south of Robin hoods bay is the seaside town of Scarborough, unlike a lot of the seaside towns in England, itís not all chips and amusement arcades. It has got a harbour with some nice boats, a Castle. The Grave of Anne Bronte, a couple of the "Little ships" that took part in the evacuation at Dunkirk.
I arrived early in the morning and had breakfast in a little cafe on a pier overlooking the harbour and listened to the locals gossiping.
Walking along the front I was able to buy fresh seafood, look at the boats and if I had been a few pounds lighter gone for a donkey ride.
Climbing up through the town heading towards the castle I came across the birthplace of Sir George Cayley, one of the more important pioneers of flight, when I was at school, I made a flying model of one of his gliders.
Nearby the walls of the castle is the Church of St Marys, Where I found the grave of Anne Bronte the youngest of the Bronte sisters.
At the end of a pleasant day I went for an evening cruise on the MV Regal Lady a veteran of the Dunkirk evacuation. Its a shame the pleasant trip was to the sound of a bloody awful singer in the salon, if you know the Goons, he sounded like Spike Milligans character Jim Spriggs.
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