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Posted by Late99 | Mar 11, 2017 @ 10:58 AM | 9,527 Views
Today was a beautiful spring weather, almost no wind and temperatures finally above zero (in C).

Several cars stopped by the flying field to check flying activity and one guy took some excellent pics of me exercising Sebart Katana S 50E v2.
Posted by Late99 | Mar 05, 2017 @ 01:17 PM | 9,205 Views
As a winter project I built a Messerschmitt BF-110 twin motor heavy fighter. This is a rather small model with wingspan around 85cm / 34". The size was more or less determined by the extra electronics I had laying around. The plan / 3 views were fetched from Outerzone and the materials for the plane were all kind of scrap I could find from my house. So this was really build on a budget.

The plane is now waiting for maiden. I'm really interested to see how it flies and what kind of flight envelope it has. The plane might see some fun combat action in future...

Check the build story! And if interested in WW2 models also check my old Ki-61 Tony build.