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A hobby must be need to a motor , if you need to a motor then you also have ESC !

Types —— Current(A) —— Weight(g)

6A BEC —— 6A\8A —— 5

12A BEC —— 12A\16A —— 13

25A BEC—— 25A\35A —— 30

5A BEC ——35A\45A —— 35

45A SBEC 5A —— 45A\65A —— 58

65A SBEC 5A —— 65A\85A ——63

85A OPTO—— 85A\100A —— 60

85A SBEC 5A —— 85A\100A —— 63

115A OPTO—— 115A\130A —— 60

115A SBEC 5A LV —— 115A\130A —— 63

125A SBEC 5A LV —— 125A\150A —— 150

155A SBEC 5A LV —— 155A\200A —— 150

90A OPTO HV —— 90A\100A —— 135

120A OPTO HV ——120A\150A —— 145

For the NIXX and Lipo : 5-10NC\2-3Lipo, 5-12NC\2-4Lipo, 5-18NC\2-6Lipo ,
18-38NC\6-12 Lipo .

Output : 5V/1A , 5.0,5.5,6.0V adjustable/5A .

and then I enclosed some picture as follows :
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Are you looking for more powerful motor for your airplane ? Here it is !

Strong magnetism, winding by hand , the glue through high temperature......May be you'd like to try it if you need .

Not for advertise ! Hope to have more time to communicate, whether technical problems or other details.

You can see these pictures clearly after you zoom in picture !
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6 ๗ 2 (1 + 2) =?

Relax, a math problem : " 6 ๗ 2 (1 + 2) =? " , it is said that the topic attracted more than 3.42 million global fans to resolve it in Facebook .

The result is more than 1.92 million people is right , besides ,more than 1.49 million people answer wrong. So, what is your answer for .this maths ?

I asked my friends , she told me the answer is 1 ,: and she laughed at me , she said is a very easy question . I admit I 'm not good at math all the time , from the primary school , my math grade always not good , and this time ,I really childish , I thought the answer is 9 , oh , I got a wrong answer , did I ?

6 ๗ 2 (1 + 2) =?
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2012 9th International Model Exhibition was held on 28th~ 30th August in Shanghai !

Now , I share some pictures with everyone , not advertise , just share ! We have a good harvest . thanks my boss ,give me the opportunity . and some foreign friends , I know the performance of motor , inr or outr . suits for RC cars ,rc helicopter ,and rc airplane .

but I need learn more , it's a big learning process for me , Struggle for my life !
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Some Common Terms Explained

• RPM – This is a measure of angular speed, or how fast something is rotating. A motor’s RPM is simply how fast it can rotate.
• KV Rating - Remember how we said that the relationship between voltage, torque, and RPM was linear for a brushless motor? It turns out that the number of RPM provided by each volt is the same, called the KV number. The KV number’s useful because it let’s you figure out how many volts you need to achieve a certain RPM, or vice versa. For an example, a 980 KV motor powered by an 11.1 volt battery would spin at 980 x 11.1 = 10878 RPM with no load. The KV rating always assumes no load on the motor, so the actual RPM that your achieve will be less than the one you calculate.
• Continuous / Burst Current – Continuous current measures how much current a motor can handle continuously, for an extended period of time. Burst current measures how much current a motor can handle for a short amount of time, about a few seconds.
• Current Rating – This is the maximum current that a given motor can handle, measured in amps.
• Inrunner / Outrunner – These are the two major brushless motor designs. An inrunner brushless motor has stationary coils, and a rotating permanent magnet inside the coils on the motor shaft. An outrunner brushless motor is the opposite, it has a rotating permanent magnet, placed outside the stationary coils on the motor shaft . Outrunner motors have lower KV ratings, so they run at a lower...Continue Reading
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All About Brushless Motors – What You Need To Know

Brushless Motor Benefits
• More Efficient – Brushless motors are much more efficient than conventional brushed motors. This efficiency has been measured to be between 85% to 95% better than brushed motors.
• Less electrical energy is wasted as heat,and more is used to do useful work.
• Reduced Noise – Brushless motors have fewer mechanical parts than brushed motors, so they emit less sound.
• Longer Lifetime – Fewer moving parts are in mechanical contact than in brushed motors, reducing wear.
• Reduced EM Interference – Brushless motors emit less energy as electromagnetic (EM) waves than brushed motors do. This contributes to their efficiency, and helps reduce radio interference.
• Torque, Voltage, And RPM Linearly Related – This means that the amount of torque or RPM produced by the motor divided by the voltage put in is a constant, making it easy to predict how much power you’re going to get.

How Brushless Motors Work
On a fundamental level, an electric motor’s only job is to convert electrical energy (like that provided by a battery) into mechanical energy, like the turning of a propeller or rotor blade. There are two basic facts that allow electric motors to work:
1. Electric and Magnetic Fields are Related - That is, every moving charge produces a magnetic field, and magnetic fields can produce electric charge.
2. Magnets Interact – Magnets will align when placed near to each other. All electric motors basically consist of two magnets. One of them is permanent, the other is a coil of wire that, when charged, becomes a magnet.

The motor is designed such that the magnetic fields produced by each of the magnets are always out of alignment, causing the motor axil to rotate. This is similar to what happens when you hold a permanent magnet to a compass – the compass swings position so that it lines up with the magnets field.

Explain parameters of RC motor , please visit my next aiticle
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Hello everyone !

I' m Maggie from China , I' m a new in this field , our company is specilize in RC motor , and I hope make more friends and learn more from you , talking about your job ,funny things,your hobbies or other if you want to . May be we are friends not in business , and in your life . Shall we ? thank you !

happy everyday !