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Posted by old4570 | Aug 23, 2013 @ 03:10 AM | 5,224 Views
Wow - Seems I havent posted on the forums for a while ..

Lets see :

Weather blows hard ATM , we have had some seriously bad weather this winter and lots of wind , an awful lot of wind ...

Went to school again to do my cert 4 in training and assessment ...

Was it 3 weeks ago we had a nice day , and I flew 3 of my 450's ...

I have been slack , lazy if you will , must be the bad weather , I have 2 heli projects and I should start to do some thing with them ... Like thread locking to begin with .
Its a chore , but needs to be done

Other than that , either or both projects should move rather quickly , and playing with the orange RX ( 3 axis ) can be done indoors ( to see if its capable of holding the tail at least )

Im such a slacker ATM ..