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Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 26, 2013 @ 06:26 AM | 6,959 Views
The build is complete on the Midwing Special, and today is Testing day.-The day when all your work will pay off, or settle into a pile of broken bits.
A smaller engine, for a more scale power loading, a larger size model,to absorb it's hefty weight- (don't know yet-don't weigh them till after we fly them), and all the second thoughts.
I should just sell it now-I'm done with it, once it's built.....I only test fly to prove to the non-believers, anyway.
The full scale owner will get some pictures of it,that he can start a hangar talk battle with...".I flew yesterday !-here's pix to prove it !" His cronies will look askance at the wingless fuselage in the hangar, and the leg-pulling will begin.
Anyway, it's been nice of you guys to stop by, and visit, during the build.I appreciate the help with pictures and the video, and the comaraderie...It helps to talk, sometimes..
Can't put this off any longer-Old Fart's Breakfast, then FLIGHT!.
I'm off, to commit aviation.......
Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 17, 2013 @ 08:12 PM | 6,734 Views
After my curt remarks about the Psychologists analyzing us and our good works, I talked with my favorite one, and he said "Ignore them"-take the wind out of a Bully's sails, and he'll fall dead in the water.....

I'm still gonna help my bruthas, and give stuff away, I just ain't talkin' about it !

Among all the things I ever was, have been, or ever will be...,I'm a Model Builder.!
Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 12, 2013 @ 04:59 AM | 6,855 Views
Lately, I've noticed that there are a lot of self-appointed psycho-analysts popping up,(and off) in the forums, unsolicited....

I appreciate the free sessions...really I do-but they're uncalled for....telling me something I already know is redundant..

I've gone from a "Balsa Fundamentalist Zealot" for my views on my choice of building materials, to (currently) an Egotist, because I'm a Plus member!.....this, in addition to the self proclaimed "Ancient Modeler"

I LIKE my name in 'lights'..but how can that possibly affect them? I'M the one sitting here all basking in the glory of a gold and carbon banner,2000 storage spaces, and a link to my blog.....oh, and a monthly 'bill' for the privilege..you get what you pay for.

Notwithstanding that I'm a charitable man,willing to give back,( which incidentally-I only do for the self- satisfaction,apparently) I give away models and equipment to those starting out, or are underfunded..
I don't think I should take credit for those things....see if you agree with me....My club member brothers bring unwanted or no longer needed items to the Old Fart's Breakfast on Wednesday mornings....I volunteered to post them on line,and get them to the eager recipients.-This isn't "my" stuff- I just do the foot work.
For those who tell me to "get a life". I have one thank you! -a great one.

To the aforementioned "psychos" -is that the correct slang?-yes ! analyze this !- look into a mirror and spend the next hour with yourself.See if you can determine your need to feel just a bit better than others,even pointing out their "faults".