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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Nov 29, 2014 @ 04:39 PM | 10,788 Views
Due to a family emergency things haven't progressed quite like I had planned. However, I have managed to make a little progress. Have you ever started something that you wondered (after you committed) 'what was I thinking'? I've wanted to do this for quite some time though and I will get'er dun!

After cutting down the first fuselage half I lost any form of rigidity so I decided that before I cut down the second half I'd install a CF rod to help 'hold what I got' and add to the finished fuselages stiffness. I made sure that the fuselage center was flat and glued in the rod, after the fuselage sides are glued together I'll cut down the other side and cover the new fuselage top with cross grained balsa (with lightening holes of course) as there will be a dorsal spine going up to the vertical fin and it will be covered with solartex or something similar. Before I can do that though I have to relocate the rudder and elevator servos to a more forward location to help maintain the center of gravity!

More to follow...

Posted by cubcrafter60 | Nov 09, 2014 @ 07:48 PM | 13,814 Views
I’m not sure why but the Twin Cub or DoubleEnder as it’s more commonly known, captured my imagination ever since the first time I saw it. Based on Super Cub components it’s a 260hp twin Rotax 914 powered monster that’s been in development for several years and work has now started on a side by side seat configured airframe! Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to pull this off with a Multiplex FunCub as a starting point, but the main hindrance has been all that glazing up front (it just wouldn’t be the same with a painted foam canopy)! I’ve pondered for quite a while how I could construct various parts of the plane and I think that building my ‘Got Rocks” FunCub was a good preparatory project for this undertaking. A couple of things have happened that made me feel that project was doable, first I started working with a gentleman that has been working with fiberglass repairs on gliders for thirty plus years and have learned quite a bit from him. Second, Bart83’s Dornier Wal build & some valuable input from Gary (GLM) has been very helpful in sorting out the tandem motor angles set up. Third my friend Quantum Flyer’s motor selection for his Great Planes PBY Catalina got me to thinking as it was about the same size as the FunCub and had plenty of power for a model this size so I thought I'd use the same set up. Gary also had some good input on the canopy and I’m carving a ‘plug&#...Continue Reading