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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Dec 31, 2013 @ 02:07 PM | 13,094 Views
Took out 'Got Rocks' again last Sunday and flew through all four batteries I broght with me. Starting to feel more comfortable on the sticks after not flying for so long (other than RealFlight). I also tried out the two camera mounts I built for it as well. I'm happy with the results but the footage isn't really suitable for a full length video by itself but I think it would be good edited in with some other footage. the Guardian may be of some benefit here and if I can figure out where to put it on this already crowded model I may just do it.

The AST (Alaska State Troopers) FunCub is progressing. I mounted the motor on the Morgan Mill stiffener / motor mount and it fits well. I've decided to cut off the front end and build another fiberglass cowl for this project, if this one comes out a bit better than my first I may see if I can have a friend help me pull a mold off of it. Callie Graphics really came thru again on my modified side window decals and even included a matching windshield decal - Awesome service! Just waiting for the Cub landing gear to get here so I can finalize the mounting plate. Last but not least is a quick clip of the lighting system that Todd at custom built for me. He's building a new set for the tail because I combined them with a CA lens and the white is kinda overwhelming the red beacon.

Happy New Year all!


AST FunCub light test (1 min 9 sec)
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Dec 23, 2013 @ 12:54 AM | 13,362 Views
Back in July I declared 'Got Rocks' rebuilt and ready to go again (less radio installation & set up), and she's been sitting waiting ever since. Well my buddy Lane (northrop n9m) called and said, "let's fly tomorrow" so I guess it's time to climb back on that horse. I got her all set for another go at it and headed down to Crazy Creek glider port this morning and after a inspection and range check she took off for the first time in a year and a half! All went well (other than not getting any video and only a few pics)! I was able to get in three solid flights and she flew just like I remembered (thanks to the guys on the thread for all the input on the rebuild). Thermals started breaking loose about noon and I flew into a strong gust just as I was flaring to land, it got a little interesting but I was able to get her down OK. After that the wind direction started changing every few minutes so we called it a day! Thanks again to Lane for getting me out again and shaking out the bugs. I can't wait to take her up again!

Posted by cubcrafter60 | Dec 17, 2013 @ 02:43 PM | 12,479 Views
Got off to a kinda slow start, but we’re starting to pick up steam now. Since I already have it, I've elected to go with the Hi-max 3516-0840 set-up on FC No.2 (for now) so I decided to beef up the stock mounts a bit. First I thoroughly cleaned the contact area with acetone and blew it dry with canned air, I then pricked the contact surfaces with an awl to give the excess CA a place to go and form 'teeth'. (Photo 1) Next I roughened up the mount with 60 grit sand paper in the contact areas and cleaned it with alcohol (acetone will craze or 'melt' the plastic) and let it air dry. (Photo 2) I then glued in the mounts and put a small bead of glue around the edge. (Photo 3 right) I then roughened up the plastic on the inside of the mount, pricked the foam around the mount (in green bordered area) and cut a piece of 1/2 oz. fiberglass cloth and 'glassed' it in with CA and a sandwich bag! (Photo 3 left) I’m considering tapping the mounting lugs, cutting a slot for a nut at the back end of the lug, and JB welding the nut in so the two motor mount screws tighten up on metal instead of plastic.

I assembled the Morgan Mill RC stiffener kit and battery tray and have it ready to go in. I’m currently deciding on how I want to 'tie in' the gear plate for the gear set to the stiffener before I close up the fuselage. I’d like to make a screw in gear plate so I can make three plates (for wheels, ski’s, and floats) so swapping between...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Dec 01, 2013 @ 10:47 PM | 12,527 Views
Not a whole lot to report yet, I got tied up with a priority job (fixing my daughter's car)! As I mentioned the airframe arrived and I've been cutting wire channels for the lighting. Probably the worst one was drilling a hole down through the vertical fin for the red anti-collision light and white nav light that will reside there. I started the hole with a drill, twisting it by hand trying to keep it straight, then I switched to a brass tube with 'teeth' filed into it to go the rest of the way through. I was worried about coming out the side of the fin but it came out about 1/64" off the centerline! I've also been working on installing the plastic anchors for the carbon fiber tail braces, removing some 'flash' on the trailing edges, sorting out a lot of parts, and reading up on the stabilization system, (as well as looking for work! ) I'm hoping she comes together quickly. The last photo is of the Seaplane Supply 28" round top, 'v' bottom floats I decided to go with sitting below the fuselage. They may require a bit more work to finish (they'll be fiberglassed & painted and I'll have to make my own struts/mounting system) but I have a feeling they'll be worth the effort!

That's it for now!