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Posted by PittSpecial | May 26, 2013 @ 02:50 PM | 6,772 Views


Well, after Three (3) Long Weeks.......

I have been redeemed after all the work I have done to my Spitfire.. no nothing about fixing it due to a crash just nagging issues from an Ugly Wobble at the Business End (Prop Adapter / Spinner) and then, the king of issues for a long time had been the Unsolicited activation of one Main Gear E-Flite Retract side.

I like to report that the model flew for just a little over 7 minutes and the Retracts were activated at least twice while in Flight and the model DID NOT exhibit any unsolicited cycling of any side Main Gear E-Flite Retract while using a Non-Amplified Non-Stock Y-Connector that usually comes with the E-Flite EFGL100 servoless retracts!!

Additionally, there was absolutely NO Wobble at the Business End...

Park Zone Spitfire MK IX with EFlite Retracts and Non-Amplified Y-Harness 05-26-2013 (3 min 28 sec)

Some pictures from today's action at the RC Club!

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Posted by PittSpecial | May 22, 2013 @ 11:33 PM | 7,266 Views
For the recent work done on the E-Flite Retracts:


After almost two weeks without flying because of issues with my E-Flite Retracts (new regular Y-Connector solved the problem) and issues with an ugly Wobble at the business end (Spinner and Propeller), the model is finally ready!

Tonight I was able to stop at my local Hobby Shop and use a $10.00 Award Certificate that I won in a ticket raffle during my participation at last month's RC Club meeting. I bought a new Master Airscrew 3-Blade 9 X 7 X 3 and wasted no time when I came home and installed. I did find the propeller adapter with a 1.5 inch shank length with double set screw securing method was not tight on the motor output shaft and luckily all that was needed was to re-seat and tighten both set screws and all is ROCK Solid.

The model (to me) looks terrific and I know that this 3-blade 9 X 7 X 3 from Master Airscrew will result in a higher top speed since I have this same propeller on my Park Zone F4U Corsair (older model version) and really moves out. The propeller that I had been flying was the Master Airscrew 3-Blade 10 X 7 X 3 and did very well notwithstanding the slight wobble it had...

Can't wait to fly my Spitfire again soon!

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Posted by PittSpecial | May 19, 2013 @ 07:11 AM | 8,807 Views
Of course I am replacing the STOCK Y-Connector Cable that comes with the E-Flite Retracts (EFLG100) as I have determined it was the cause for unsolicited cycling of one of my retracts and while in flight!

Here are a few Photos I took during my almost ALL NIGHT ordeal.....

Here is the STOCK Y-Connector that comes with the EFLG100 which Failed!

Bought the JR Sport, Park Number JSP98020, 6-Inch Y-Harness to cure the issue with the E-Flite Retracts!

The STOCK Y-Harness is on the Left and the New one in the package is on the Right.

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