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Posted by PittSpecial | Apr 28, 2013 @ 02:28 PM | 16,234 Views
Hello good people

Just a few pictures showing the Ignition Timing Adjustment of my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (Made in Japan - JT Vin Number) with over 426,000 Miles as it has been at least four months since the major maintenance (Timing Belt, Water Pump, Fuel Pump etc..) and you can see that data at:

On Saturday afternoon (yes, I still like to tinker with cars) I was able to unwrap my recent purchase of one very old (Vintage) Sears Craftsman Induction Pickup Timing Gun and was able to adjust the timing setting on the 2.2Liter Gasoline Engine (5SFE) and what a difference!

Initial Checking with the Diagnostic Connector port, the terminals E1 and TE1 were shorted together per instructions and transmission left in Neutral with Emergency Brake ON, I verified that I had been driving the car with near 0-degrees and it is no wonder the car did not have any Get-UP and GO, not to mention the horrible Gasoline Mileage of nothing over 25.7 MPG.

I took out the entire Air Filter Compartment and was able to reach the Distributor securing bolts and moved the Distributor to the required position of 10 Degrees Before Top Dead Center (BTDC). Previously, I had already marked the notch on the Crank Pully so, it was easy and it was the first time I used this Vintage SEARS Craftsman Timing Gun (Therefore, I will provide a good FEEDBACK to the Seller).

I tightened the Distributor securing Bolts (12mm) and replaced the Air Filter Compartment and reinserted the Air Flow Sensor, I took it out for a test drive and BOY O BOY, it GOT UP TO SPEED very quickly without any hesitation and Steering Wheel's vibrations at Idle almost completely disappeared.

I am hoping that the Gasoline Mileage returns to its normal 28-MPG City/Highway combined and 31-MPG Highway.

Okay, a few pictures!