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Posted by coreman | Sep 28, 2012 @ 07:55 AM | 8,855 Views

The 2012 NEAT Fair has passed and what an event it was this year. I took 26 built Yak55s with me as well as kits and a lot of other accessories and the Yaks sold out by 2pm saturday. It was great to see them at the flight line at all times of the day being enjoyed. I would love some of these new owners to add their thoughts and comments to our RCG "Flat Foamie product thread". The feedback we got was that they were handling the wind great as can be seen in the animated GIF above of them flying in formation on the parkflyer flight line in a 10mph wind. Paul "datazman" Osinski got some great in flight pictures of the planes which I got permission to use on my website.

Bob "Teambarger" Barger came to his first NEAT Fair with his patriotic themed RA Cores GremTwin and put on a great demonstration of the ability to do flat spins using the differential thrust capabilities. You would hear the "wooow wooow woow" of him spinning and look over and then start seeing the other pilots with him on the flight line attempting spins as well. Sorry I couldn't get up there with mine Bob so we could do formation spins! For those curious, here is a video of my GremTwin spinning earlier in the year at one of our combat contests.

I just want to thank everyone for making this such a great NEAT Fair this year and look forward to seeing all of you again next year.