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Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 09, 2019 @ 08:42 AM | 2,808 Views
Ok I've flown about 30 packs through this now and have a good idea of how good it is and how it compares to eachine reddevil and diatone r349 and sailfly X.

I will make a video review but for now I'll just write it and post some flight video on various batteries.

First up I will say that it fits in-between the reddevil and the r349 power and speed wise, faster and smoother than reddevil and sailfly X and slower than the r349. It can be flown in similar areas to the reddevil where as the r349 needs more room imho.
Definitely nicer to fly than the smaller quads with no jello.

On 3s lipo it had decent power but nothing amazing, but on 4s it livened up and had a lot more punch, both enough power to have fun though and I'm going to try some different props soon as they arrive. Will update on that later on.

Good points .
The supplied frsky Rx is NOT the spi one and has decent range similar to xm+ and the vtx goes up to 600mw, camera picture is nice.
It is smooth and powerful taking 3 and 4s lipo with 5 minute flight times on 450mah.
Frame is thick and strong.( I crashed into concrete with no damage apart from bemt props ( 6 spares in box )

Not so good points.
Battery strap is not useful and needs a better one to tighten up properly.
No tool supplied to fit props ( needs a 1.5mm hex / Allen key ).

Assembly and set up.
So I just set up betaflight as I normally do.
Binding rx needed button pressing on the tiny Rx whilst powering quad which was a little awkward but worked ok.
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Aug 07, 2019 @ 03:30 AM | 2,787 Views
Use. Code NIGELSHEFFIELD for 15% off.

I used QWinOut a few times already and they're prices and service is great, cheaper than banggood and good communication.
They were xt-xinte but this site has free postage and no PayPal charges and STILL cheap prices.

I just received my full speed toothpick pro which costs $106 with the discount link above.

Lots of good stuff there and I think will be using them a lot from now on. (bviously checking banggood prices too lol )