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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:24 PM | 9,994 Views
After flying planes and then powered gliders I bought a second hand blaster dlg, a bit beat up but flyable if a bit heavy. I then got a new one and put sd150 servos in it which burnt out after 3 months, I replaced them with hxt900 which worked well but were a bit big , I since replaced them with Corona DS633BP which have worked fine ever since and change from 2 cell lipo to one cell which gives a good 5 hours flying time.
Struggling with launch heights due to bad back but thermalling is amazing compared to my foam gliders.
Relights were next to impossible with the dx6i, having to put the throttle stick back up from bottom to top, reset timer and flick the flap switch while spinning round ready to throw the thing again.
With the Taranis I programmed it all to work with one momentary switch, which does everything including telling me my flight time and my launch height!
No competitions round here but I do compete online with buddies all over the world and in the UK for longest flights in a given period.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:12 PM | 10,304 Views
Last year I got an early version of the frsky taranis and having had a spektrum dx6i for about 5 years was at first a bit daunted but soon got to grips with it and absolutely love it.
I soon bought 3 varios 4 rxs for my gliders and a module to make it work with my dsm2 rxs for my powered stuff that does not need telemetry.
Now await I the new version of open tx with new progrqmming to learn it should be fun.

Updated now to opentx 2.0, blaster dlg needed some repramming and few custom switches wrong on a couple,of other models and now all is working again, vario tones are different, cannot get a dead zone with no beeps but beeps can be tuned in their pitch so have made them lower and more bearable.
Can back up entire radio and settings to and from SD card now which might come in handy if I make a really big mess lol.