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Posted by nigelsheffield | May 30, 2014 @ 06:57 AM | 9,393 Views
OK so here's my blog for my phoenix 2000 kit from hobby king.
Setup is
Motor kDa 22
50 amp esc from HK
3amp ubec
Hxt900 on elev rudder and flaps.
Cheap digital white servos from HK on ailerons.
Battery I use 4 cell lifepo4 a123 1100mah home made packs weighing 173g.
Stock prop and spinner give good performance 15 seconds to about 500ft and I use 2 mins of power total using about 660mah giving me enough to spare for gliding around for a good hour or more.

A bit of tape over some of the compressed foam hinges was needed.
A rubber band secures the hatch just in case it pops off like some have said.
Push rods and clevises seem all good though some have had them break in the past the ones in my kit seemed very good, I did just put some heat shrink around ends to keep them from opening.

Flights are very good with 15mins dead air which is not much but not using much mah with my lifepo4 option compared to a lipo of say 1800mah which would give mo like 40 mins dead air.
However most times I go out I thermal and get 20 to 30 mins easily, and often more.
A number of times I have got over an hour.

I have 3 other simiiar gliders ie 2 metre foam wings,
Ask21, asw28 and minimoa, they all fly nice in their own way but the phoenix is the best all rounder having good speed good thermalling ability aerobatic performance and can be slowed down with crow braking for landing making it easy in all conditions to fly and land.
Posted by nigelsheffield | May 30, 2014 @ 03:42 AM | 9,199 Views
Realised I don't really use this blog so thought I would update it,
OK been flying for about 6 years now after a long break.
Electric made that possible and easy.
Having flown foamies both home made and bought , 3d and scale I now settled on gliders, I have been obsessed by dlg blaster 2 for the last year or more and love thermalling it even though I can't throw it that high and there are no competitions here in Yorkshire.

Just got the phoenix 2000 gliders and doing my 1st full house setup which is fun.

Biggest move I made recently is going from the spektrum dx6i transmitter which I have used for 4 years to the frsky Taranis.
I will elaborate more later but it was such a revelation to be able to do so much mixing after being limited to 2 mixes on the dx6i, and with a altimeter and vario it has made thermal gliding much more easier and interesting.
Getting my head around the programming was not as hard as I thought it might be but did and does take some thinking about.