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Posted by mintie | Aug 01, 2015 @ 08:34 PM | 8,408 Views
We had another glider tow last weekend and along with my T31, I took the 2m glass ship out for a few more flights before packing away .
First flight good .Second flight got off the high start round 400ft and did a right turn then a left turn and that is how it stayed untill contact with the ground.Didnt matter what I did there was no responce.What a horrible feeling.
A nice neat spiral all the way down.Dam there goes my plane for the slope fest in September .[46 days time]..Anway we walked over to what was to be the wreckage and surprising very little damage.
Tail feathers off and connectors bent.Wings all good ,but the connector was bent at round 40 degs,battery way out in the paddock and the radio all out and on the ground.Fuse damaged around the wing mounts and down one side.
Spent the next week repairing the fuse and on thursday night after work repainted it [41 days to go]
Friday and Saturday nights assembled all back together with new radio gear.Now all ready for the trip.
Turned out the RX packed a very big sad..Has been a very good radio ,but now in the bin.
Glider will now be packed away and the next fights will be from MT Borah at the Manila slope fest in Australia in September .[39 days time]