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Posted by mintie | Mar 28, 2015 @ 10:46 PM | 8,381 Views
This model was my second Rc model. I built the kit of the windfree glider and started to teach myself to fly.
Next built this model with a fiber glass fuse that a mate and I made. Wings were clark Y and own shape and design of wings and tail feathers.
.The model was 2 channel and first flew in 1976.I have used this model since then and it has done over 300 hrs. Most of the flying has been slope and on the beach.
.Last flew in Jan 2015 in Blenhien on the slope.
Decided to build some new wings and fit ailerons this time . My own foam cores and balsa skinned.
original wingspan was 1.8 mts and now it is 2.0 mts.
Mold is near ready to pull some new clear canopies
Intend to fly it in Australia at a slope fest in August.
Not much now to get it flying again.